Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thank You Gifts, Blog Friendships & Pass the Book

I have a few fun things to share today - all centered around happy mail I've received over the past few months.

First up is a beautiful thank you note I received from Rinda, along with four additional cards made by Rinda using some of her beautiful photographs. In case you haven't heard, Rinda and her daughter signed up with Team-In-Training to run a half-marathon raising money for leukemia research. I have come to know Rinda through her blog over the past several years and was honored that she provided the opportunity to help their team through a donation. Of course, I didn't realize then that I would be receiving such a nice thank you package!

BTW - if you'd like to help Rinda & Clara reach their goal (they are only $650 away as of today!), click here to find out how. It's definitely a worthy case and one more way to share friendship through our blogs.

Speaking of blog friendships, here's a conversation Robbie and I had last month.

Robbie - Do you think there's any way you can get a copy of this week's Radio Times?
Me - I'm not sure. What is the Radio Times?
Robbie - It's the British version of our TV Guide.
Me - Why do you need a copy of that?
Robbie - This week the Radio Times has four Doctor Who postcards that would be a great addition to my our trading card collection.
Me - Now I see . . . and how do you think I can get a copy of that?
Robbie - Well, you do know a lot of people through your blog . . .

And so it was that I sent an email to Sian with a very strange request and only a couple of days left in the week to see if she might have a copy of the Radio Times. "No," she replied, "but I'll head out and see if I can find one" . . . and she did! This package arrived a little later, making Robbie one very happy collector.

Of course, I was immediately drawn to the Fun Times card that Sian created and sent along in that happy polka dotted bubble envelope. I knew it would look great on a layout . . . and I even had an idea which layout I wanted to create! (Check back this week to see it!)

Just a few days ago, I received another package from across the ocean, this time from Jo with the return of one of the books from Pass the Book: Year Two. The Artist Unique has traveled around the world this past year, from blogger to blogger, and finally returned home . . . with a lovely array of goodies from Jo inside!

I am enjoying the return of these books as each one returns with notes from those who've read them along their journey written inside the front covers. There are a still a a few books out, so be sure to check out the Pass the Book: Year Two page if you're interested in one of them because Pass the Book: Year Two is coming to a close in just a few short months. [If you're interested in the Trading Card Treasures book, leave me a comment below. Margi is ready to pass it on but is in the midst of a blog hiatus.]

I like the fact that all these packages arrived in my mailbox because of the blog friendships I share with so many of you. Thanks so much for stopping by today - I hope you find a special package in your box soon!


  1. What a heart warming post! I'm so glad you liked the cards. You were one of the first people to donate to our cause, and I really appreciated the jump start.
    Thanks for the plug!

  2. You did get "happy mail" indeed! What a nice surprise. I'm thrilled to have connected with so many wonderful women via our blogs---and that includes you, Melissa!!

  3. Ain't Happy Mail grand....along with blog friends of course?!
    Alison xx

  4. Love our blogging community! Happy mail is indeed a beautiful thing. Awesome story. :)

  5. Happy Mail, indeed! Blog friendships was something I never expected when I started to blog, and is the very best thing about it!

  6. You probably have the happiest mailbox in town! How fun it must be getting those books back one by one. Way cool!

  7. What fun it is to see that Radio Times again in its new surroundings :) I'm delighted that you asked!

    Best of luck with gathering in your books. I still have a few of mine which I'd be delighted to welcome home too. Maybe I'll put out another call..

    Have a great week Melissa

  8. Oh how fun, I mailed a London golf ball to Texas once for someone :lol:

    Tell Robbie - I walk past the main Forbidden Planet store on a regular basis which has a huge selection of Dr Who stuff :)


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