Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Color of Hope - book review

When I was contacted by Booksneeze and asked if I was interested in reading and reviewing Kim Cash Tate's new book, The Color of Hope, I immediately said yes because I had previously read and enjoyed the prequel to this book, Hope Springs (see my review here).  [I downloaded both these books to my Kindle, free from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.]

This book continues the story of the Sanders and Dillon families and once again addresses the issue of race relations and prejudice in a small southern town. I enjoyed spending time with these characters again as they gathered for the Sanders family reunion and attended the monthly joint church service that was started by the two local pastors (one white and one black) in the previous book. However, under pressure from an older deacon in his congregation, one pastor decides to discontinue the joint services. Once again this Christian fiction book drew me into the character's lives. There's an engagement, a budding new relationship (between different races) that causes much controversy, a search for answers leading to a return to faith in Jesus Christ, the reconciliation of a long estranged family member . . . and then there's Samara.

Samara, a biracial high school girl, is a new character in this book who struggles with fitting in, poverty, and neglect. She is befriended by Stephanie London (a member of the Sanders family) and emerges from her isolation as she experiences friendship and acceptance. Samara's story is a sad one in so many ways and there are some unexpected twists to her story that lead to tragedy and reconciliation. (Sorry, no spoilers today - this is one you definitely want to read!) Samara's favorite color is red - the color of hope.

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  1. You have whetted my appetite, Melissa - not read the first one either, so clearly best read in order? Thank-you for the thoughtful review.


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