Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm Getting Artsy

It's already Week Four in the BPC Get Artsy workshop, however it's been busy around here lately with the ending of the school year (finals, grading & recording assignments, turning in supplies, etc) and an unexpected home improvement project (after the discovery of a leak in the roof!), so I'm just now completing the Week One assignment.

Week One focused on using gesso and gelatos to create an artsy background. I have never used either of these products . . . in fact, I didn't even own either one. A trip to Hobby Lobby yielded a bottle of gesso, but the gelatos were nowhere to be found locally. Robbie came to the rescue and ordered me a gift set with EVERY available color!

After prepping my background with gesso, I applied the gelatos and blended them with a dry paper towel as per Mou Saha's directions. I then used a stencil and removed some of the gelatos to complete the background. I wouldn't say it's the best piece of artwork ever, but I'm pretty pleased with my first efforts and the resulting layout.

I have to admit that it was fun playing with these new products, and I'm looking forward to trying some of the other techniques in this workshop as I get artsy!

Do you use gesso and gelatos in your scrapbooking?


  1. No I don't and like you I would have to go out and look for them in the shops. But you have got me tempted. There are so many lovely new techniques around at the minute

  2. um nope, can't say I ever had! That's lovely

  3. Great layout Melissa! Did you find it somewhat disconcerting to remove the color after you laid it down? I did - felt kind of wasteful somehow. Maybe we'll have to play with gelatos together and make my Mother wonder what the heck we're up to!

  4. I've never heard of gelatos! The effect is very soft and pretty especially where the colours overlap.

  5. I have used gesso and I've heard of the gelatos but have never used them. This is a beautiful layout! I love the soft pastel colors in it.

  6. I just started playing with Gesso and gelatos. I only have a few colors of the gelatos, but I've had some fun with them.


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