Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Need A Little Break

Summer is in full swing here in the great state of Texas. Temperatures have soared over 100 degrees a few times, and my creativity, inspiration and motivation have soared as well. I've been busy trying new things this past month and want to share some of that with you today as I begin a blog break for the month of July.

In June, I enjoyed taking three in-person classes locally, two of which were out of my comfort zone! First, my friend Trae hosted her crafty birthday party at a local quilt shop where we took part in a Kanzashi Flower Class. This involved a Kanzashi Flower Maker template, needle, thread, scissors and fabric. We each purchased our own template, and my friend Ellyn was kind enough to bring the right needle, thread, scissors and fabric for me to use! (Well, actually after surveying everyone's material, I "borrowed" Joellen's bright yellow fabric to work with!)
I ended up with a double flower that I will either use on a layout (or as an embellishment on a ponytail holder) and a flower ring. 
The second class was a free class offered at our local library and involved covering journals. While I've covered journals before, I thought it would be fun to check out the class and meet new crafters. The journals and all the supplies were provided, and I am thrilled with my covered journals.

My twin nieces were here for their summer visit and I signed us all up to attend a paint class where we all painted The Whimsy Tree. My friend Ellyn and her sweet daughter Ally joined us for this fun adventure.
I love how all our paintings are the same yet different. Paige's painting most resembles the class painting as she was meticulous in following the directions and was able to paint very skinny branches (a feat that eluded me!). Laurie's painting is the most unique as she continued to add branches and baubles to fill the space and included every color of the rainbow. I added my own touch by making my swing a two-seater (because I, of course, wouldn't want to swing without Robbie!). Ellyn, who loves bright colors, ended up with the most beautiful pastel painting of all, and Ally was so inspired that she went home and painted some mini-canvases that afternoon!
Robbie bought me a copy of the Better Homes & Gardens Make It Yourself magazine that had an entire article on using twine, and the twins and I made these flowers based on one of the tutorials.

Robbie and I also took a 500 mile road trip and captured 12 items on Rinda's 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt! Here's a look at #1 - Open Air Market, which we just happened upon as we drove through Albany, Texas. Robbie made a quick turn to find a parking spot and we trekked across the highway in 105 degree temperatures to snap a photo!

The event had not really started when we happened upon it, but I did find this wonderful three rose necklace before we scooted back across the hot highway to the air-conditioned Suburban (did I mention that it was 105 degrees!).

I've not officially taken a break from blogging since beginning my blog in March of 2010, however I have a list of projects and activities that I want to focus on in the upcoming month. I'll be taking photos along the way and will be back on August 1 with lots of inspiration including:
*new scrapbook layouts
*more 2013 Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt photos
*home decorating and decluttering projects
*handmade Christmas cards
*gift ideas
*travel photos
*creative photography tips
*book reviews & suggestions for audio books
*crafty gift wrapping examples
*ideas for hosting your own crafty birthday party
*and much more!

(I'll still be around and will stop by and visit y'all's blogs throughout the month as I figure out and adjust to the Bloglovin' reader!)


  1. Lovely post. I do like the paintings you did and the flowers you made. Enjoy your blog break and see you in August :-)

  2. I think you are one of the most active bloggers that I follow, so you definitely deserve a break. Enjoy it, and I hope you find lots of cool places to create in this July!

  3. P.S.
    Thanks for linking up this weekend!

  4. wow you have been creative and made some wonderful things Melissa. I will miss your happy posts and smiling face in July but look forward to your return in August... enjoy the break xxx

  5. I love the flowers. Enjoy your break.

  6. Loving the covered journals. Enjoy your break Melissa :o)

  7. I love the painting class you did, wish I'd had an Aunt like you :) I am enjoying the Scavenger Hunt but I am not sure I will get the open air market photo as it is winter here and the thought of heading out on a cold morning isn't all that appealing!

  8. You have been busy, but you always are! Enjoy your break! We'll be looking forward to seeing what you've been up to when you return.

  9. I love sharing crafty adventures with you my friend! enjoy your blog break...

  10. My mother wants to take me to one of those paint classes. Should be interesting. Enjoy your break!

  11. Have a wonderful break (you'll be missed though!)

    Covering journals in the library? That's a match made in heaven

  12. Oh my goodness, all of these project are fabulous! I love your painted canvases! How fun! You've been on a fantastic crafty roll!

  13. What gorgeous canvases and yep I've felt 105F and I'm impressed with the trek to take the photos. My Texan friends are complaining about 110F whilst I'm happy we've hit 75F!

  14. Enjoy your break, you and Robbie have fun - swinging or whatever!

  15. Those stringy flowers are very eye catching! Mind you, so is that lovely yellow one. Fascinating to see the variety in the paintings and so touched you made room for R too! Hoping you enjoy the break and come back refreshed for all those projects!

  16. Great projects Melissa! I love the cute yellow flowers, they are gorgeous and your painting is fab too! Have a lovely break, see you soon! :)

  17. Enjoy your break! Sounds like you have a busy month planned. :)

  18. Love your painting! Have a great July! Will look forward to all you'll have to share in August. Keep cool!

  19. Melissa, looking forward to seeing you again in September when Cheri comes to visit. We can scrap our hearts out up in my game room. Love your blog!

  20. Wow, you've been busy, but in such a fun way! Enjoy your break, looking forward to having you back in August!

  21. Love the flowers, enjoy your break

  22. Hope you're enjoying your blog break...I came by especially to check all was well, as I'd missed this post!"
    Alison xx


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