Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abilene Road Trip - Scavenger Hunt Photos

Late in June, Robbie and I took a quick weekend road trip just so I could search for items on Rinda's 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list. We meandered along all day Friday and ended up in Abilene, Texas. We enjoyed a couple of museums on Saturday before heading back to the Dallas area. Along the way, we found 14 items for the scavenger hunt! I shared item #1 - Open air market in this post before my July blog break. Here's a look at the other 13 items we found on that trip.

#2 - Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)
Abilene's historic Paramount Theatre was built in 1930.

#3 - City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
We passed the Shackelford County Courthouse, which was built in 1883, as we drove through Albany, Texas.

#4 - Airplane
This model airplane was hanging in the 12th Armored Division World War II Memorial Museum in Abilene.

#5 - A sunset
Outside our hotel in Abilene.

#7 - A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
Robbie spotted this sign as we were looking for a hotel in Abilene. (No, we didn't stay there!)

#8 - A tower
This model at the 12th Armored Division World War II Memorial Museum in Abilene depicts the huts and guard tower constructed to house inmates at a Dachau subcamp. This exhibit was in a closed room at the museum and was extremely moving as the 12th Armored Division was instrumental in liberating several concentration camps. The exhibit included models, photos taken as the troops entered these camps, and transcripts of letters written about the event. (I did not take many photos and almost left this photo out of today's post, however I truly believe it is important that we never forget the atrocities that were committed so that we don't allow them to happen again.)

#9 - A photo of someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong
When we saw a sign for the Bridgeport Airport, we pulled off the highway in search of an airplane. However, my favorite photo from this small airport was of these open hangars . . . can you spot the "plane" that's out of place?

#10 - A bench that is outside
There were so many great benches outside Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes in Decatur that I had a difficult time choosing my favorite, but finally settled on this hewn log and wagon wheels.

#13 - A fence
We passed every type of fence imaginable on this drive, but my favorite was this rustic split rail fence.

#14 - A stained glass object or a mosaic
This find was the most surprising! I sat down to enjoy a dipped cone at Dairy Queen in a small town and looked up to discover a stained glass ceiling tile!

#15 - A fire truck or police car
We had to make a U-turn to get back to this fire truck parked alongside the highway in Young County.

#16 - A windmill
Another U-turn and a venture onto not-yet-opened lanes was required to get a good shot of this windmill.

#20 - A dinosaur
I hadn't quite figured out how I was going to find a dinosaur when this one jumped from the pages of a book in the gift shop at The National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature.

I have seven more items to find to complete this summer's hunt! Are you participating this year? How many items have you found?


  1. What great finds! I'm so pleased you went on a scavenger hunt road trip and this helped you see the world differntly. My favorite find is the oil well tile, but overall I'm struck by how Texan this whole post is!
    Glad you're back in blog land

  2. Some great finds....I really like the bench.

  3. That sign made me LOL and read it to Wookie :)

    Sweetie Pie - I have a friend who just won their monthly photo competition, never heard of 'em before but now twice in two days. How fun :)

  4. These are great finds you are doing really well and I agree with Rinda which is great to see x

  5. A Scavenger Hunt road trip - how fun! Love the wagon wheel bench. Very different!

  6. OMG, your photos are awesome! Love, love this! I thought about joining in this year, but the timing is during our hottest parts of the year, and I don't get out much to take photos. You make it look sooooo fun!

  7. some wonderful photos,I like the bench and that old theatre.

  8. What fun to take a road trip just for the scavenger hunt, and wow! you were successful!!! I love the old theater, the bench, and the wonderful courthouse.

  9. Brilliant finds and I especially like your sign and the bench. How lovely to take a road trip just for the hunt!

  10. Loved your entries ! The motel sign is very funny ! And your tower is very moving too. Take care Ali xx

  11. Your pictures are stunning! I also love the fact that they are so unusual. I'm impressed that you can remember all the different things to look for. I have to narrow it down to be able to focus on what I'm hunting for.

  12. Great finds and a wonderful reason for a road trip! My fav is the bench :)

  13. I love ur finds! The theatre is ace


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