Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I've been thinking about Christmas lately, despite the fact that it is too hot to even venture outside right now! It's almost time to get started if I'm going to complete any handmade gifts this year - I should at least get a list going, right? These thoughts reminded me of gift wrapping, so today I thought I'd share a couple of gift wrap ideas that can be used anytime.

This first idea will work for any type of gift but is definitely a hit for those times when you've carefully chosen the perfect book for a lucky recipient. Simply use plain paper to wrap the book, then adhere old book pages randomly on top. Tie with a ribbon and you're done! (Of course, if you don't have an old book that's already falling apart, you can use patterned paper with a text print and achieve a similar effect.)

Another favorite wrapping of mine is clear wrap. Yes, I know it allows the recipient to see what's inside, but I always use this when I'm giving my traditional wedding gift - an iron skillet.

For many years, I've given an iron skillet as a wedding gift. There are several advantages to this gift:
1. It's obviously a unique gift because I've never seen a bride receive two of them!
2. It's the best thing to use when baking up a batch of Mama's biscuits or cooking a skillet breakfast of eggs, sausage, potatoes, onions, and peppers.
3. It could come in handy if you can't find a baseball bat and need to defend yourself against intruders (or keep your new hubby in line LOL)!

The most important part of this gift is found inside the skillet. I always include a group of recipes with this note printed on top:

Dear N & C,
My grandmother (N’s great-grandmother) loved to cook and collect recipes. After she went on to be with the Lord, I found a box filled with bundles of recipes among her other possessions. Because she enjoyed sharing her love of cooking with others, I know she had bundled these up to give as gifts for weddings and housewarmings. So, in memory of a Grandma whom I loved very much, I give you a bundle of recipes. Some she clipped and pasted on and others she copied by hand. My prayer is that in this little bundle you will find a recipe or two that you will enjoy throughout your lifetime together and that will allow the family tradition of good cooking to continue another generation. Robbie & I pray that the Lord will guide each of you as you begin a new life together. We wish you happiness, love, and lots of fun every day! 

                                                       God Bless Y'all,  Aunt Melissa

(I only have a few of these bundles left, and I'm saving those for my nieces. However, I am determined to clip out recipes and hand write some of my own so I can continue Grandma's tradition.)

I tied this group of recipes together with twine & added a couple of punched hearts and a mini clothespin as a bow. I then repeated the twine, hearts and clothespin to hold the clear wrap in place around the skillet handle.

Do you have any tried and true wrapping secrets? Please share them in the comments so I'll be all ready when Christmas wrapping comes around this year!


  1. What a lovely gift idea for a wedding! Your attention to detail and the thoughtfulness that goes into each must make these treasured possessions.

  2. I love the idea of wrapping a book in old book pages.

  3. What a lovely present! I love the idea of the bundle of recipes and I can just imagine them being tucked away safely and enjoyed along with the gift. Clear wrapping would work perfectly for something heavy too.

    I like to give a picnic basket, but I have yet to work out the ultimate perfect wrapping method

  4. What a kind and lovely gift, so well thought out x

  5. I love the book page idea! You are so right every home needs a cast iron frying pan and passing down recipes is always a good thing :)

  6. you're so thoughtful Melissa. I'm a fan of gift bags & tissue paper myself. I need to take a hint from you and do better (says the girl who DID present your birthday cupcakes in handmade paper stoves. hmmm maybe I'm doing better than I think!)

  7. Those are both really great ideas for gifting. I am fond of clear wrap too with lots of foo-foo tying it up. I started that when I was doing gift baskets, but I've expanded it to buckets and other things as well. Cellophane is just plain festive in my opinion.

  8. These are both great ideas. Love adding the recipes to the skillet. Makes it so personal. :)

  9. Love your ideas! I'm not up to gift wrapping yet, but have been planning my handmade gifts. Never too early to start those! BTW, it's in the 40's here this morning, probably won't even get to 70. Feels like fall in the middle of August. I wouldn't mind it a little warmer.

  10. Love, love, love the skillet! We used to give a small BBQ grill (Weber kettle).

  11. Thanks for the link that brought me here. What a super and thoughtful idea! You know that's one thing I don't have - a cast iron frying pan. I need to remedy that. :)


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