Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Around the Web

A quick post today to share a rather eclectic mix of things I've found interesting around the web lately:

How Schools Kill Creativity
An older TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson challenging us to rethink the way we educate children. I especially like the story of the dancer/choreographer that he shares as an example.

What are your essentials?
A thoughtful post by Rachel Olsen about what is truly essential on your list of tasks and a reminder to focus on the essentials first.

WCS Sketches
A Pinterest board with sketches from Write.Click.Scrapbook.

How To Become More Consistent In Your Daily Journaling
A neat idea from Michael Hyatt if you're struggling with being consistent with journaling as a daily habit.

Organizing: An Event or a Lifestyle?
Aby Garvey compares an organizing lifestyle to a running lifestyle and shares how something can be a completed event (marathon or organizing project) or a habit that becomes a lifestyle.

What have you found interesting around the web lately?


Missus Wookie said...

I like that older Ted talk - there is a nice animation done by the RSI (?) that is fun too. Going to check out a couple of those links too.

Ellyn said...

can't wait to check out your links. hoping this weekend away will spark my creativity and improve my mood!

Sandra said...

Thank you for the links

Sian said...

That's an interesting selection. I think I'll have a read of that top one first. Thank you

Sian said...

Sorry, meant listen to, obviously! I'll put it on while I get the dinner ready right now

Debbie P said...

Awesome links! Thanks for sharing!

alexa said...

Thank you for these - I especially liked the organizing post. I have so little chance to browse the Internet that I am pleased you have curated this list!