Sunday, October 13, 2013

Divided Page Protectors in a Variety of Sizes and Configurations

I have a variety of divided page protectors in my stash in various sizes and configurations and recently used two of them to complete layouts.

This first page has four 4x6 slots and three 4x4 slots. I created a simple layout with photos from our 2008 London trip to add to our 2008 chronological album (I've already scrapped the photos & stories from this trip in our Travels Abroad album). For the top left slot I used a 4x6 template to include more photos.

For the back of that page protector, I again used photos in all except one slot, which has the title and journaling.
I used both sides of a 10x12 divided page protector to showcase the photos and checklists from the Photo Scavenger Hunt we took the twins on when they were here visiting last August. This page protector has three 4x6 landscape slots and two 4x6 portrait slots.

Earlier this year, I had already used a couple of the photos from that day to create a 12x12 layout, so the divided page protector was the perfect way to include more photos and the memorabilia.
I really like the combination of a 12x12 layout with the addition of the divided page protector and plan on using this combination again and again. It allows me to use lots of photos and also gives me room to enjoy layering papers and clustering embellishments.


  1. I love using divided page protectors now, it creates so much more interest in an album

  2. I love the divided page protectors and I am finally getting smart enough to include them in my albums. That's thanks to you and others who keep reminding me! Sometimes I'm a slow learner!!! lol

  3. I first used divided page protectors about five years ago in a travel album from our cross-country trip. I've been a huge fan ever since. Yours worked out really well!

  4. Oh boy, would I love to go to London! Nice job with the divided protectors. I need to use mine more often.

  5. Love what you've done with the divide PPs...I have some, but have still to use them!!
    Alison xx

  6. Great use of the divided page protectors :)


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