Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 Random Things I'm Thinking About

Encouraged by Sian's idea to Blog Cos You Want To, today I'm sharing five random things I'm thinking about/remembering as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US.

1. Winter has arrived here in Texas - we've had temperatures below freezing several times over the past week. I'm really not a fan of cold weather, particularly when it's freezing!! However, I truly enjoyed seeing the beauty of the icicles on the trees around the library when I was out running errands earlier this week.

2. My parents will be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner, which always brings to mind the first semester Robbie and I were attending Stephen F. Austin State University and the story of the Thanksgiving cornish hen - click here for the whole story.

3. Although we didn't make any this year, thinking of turkeys reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving treat. (Click here for the recipe)

4. My favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition is one that Robbie and I started the year we were dating - pie at 10 am. I have a pecan pie all ready to slice for this morning's "dessert first" tradition.
 (Click here to read about the year that tradition was broken by my niece and nephews.)

5. Thinking about traditions reminds me how much I enjoy planning something special for Robbie's birthday, which we celebrated last week with a visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum.

As we celebrate today, I'm thankful for each of you who stop by regularly and allow me to share a little slice of our life via this blog!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rob - enjoy your pie!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! My kids would love your tradition of pie at 10 am. Enjoy your day

  3. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

  4. happy thanksgiving my friend! glad to see you guys made it to the Presidential library, hope you enjoyed! And happy Birthday to Robbie

  5. I love that ya'll love celebrating birthdays as much as we do. I know you had a glorious day with your parents and pecan pie can never be a bad way to start the day ;)

  6. It looks like you have many wonderful Thanksgiving traditions Melissa. Thanks for sharing them!


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