Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crafty Tuesday Gift Exchange

Earlier today the Crafty Tuesday group met at Ellyn's home for our last get-together of 2013. This month we had a Christmas gift exchange. I made a set of four ribbon napkin rings for each of the ladies.

I think they liked them!

The gifts from Trae came wrapped in a beautiful piece of material!
Inside we each found a painted & decorated chipboard initial. My "M" looks wonderful in my craft room!
Ellyn ordered us each a special necklace - mine has a camera and a little yellow flower on it. I love that this is also a reminder of the Inspiration Days Ellyn & I shared this year as we practiced our photography skills in gardens, at museums, and around town. (The other ladies' necklaces had a sewing machine since they are all sewers/quilters.)
We each received a fabulous new tote bag from Joellen - they are large enough to stash a couple of scrapbooks and they zip up to keep everything protected. (The little tube of miniature M&Ms tied on top of the package was an extra bonus!)

I know my bag will get lots of use!

Raquel put together the cutest snowman gift baskets for each of us - inside we found a pocket calendar, a candy bar, a pair of soft fluffy socks, lotion, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and a precious sledding girl ornament.

I have truly enjoyed getting together with these crafty ladies throughout the year as we crafted together and celebrated birthdays and holidays!

Thanks ladies for the wonderful Christmas gifts - I'm looking forward to a very crafty 2014. (And, yes, I'll be sewing some, too!)


  1. Wow Melissa!! What a great haul to start of the holidays!! The only thing that seemed to be missing were the Christmas sweaters!!

  2. it was such a fun day! thank you for the darling napkin rings.... I don't know how we'll top our crafty gatherings in 2014 but we will sure try!

  3. How fun and how awesome! Love what you all made!

  4. What fun! And such creative, thoughtful gifts!

  5. What beautiful gifts and wonderful creative skills you all have ... Your napkin rings are such a neat idea.

  6. What lovely,creative gifts you exchanged.

  7. What a great exchange. I love those tote bags. This year I've received several ornaments from crafty friends, and i'm looking forward to putting them on the tree.

  8. What lovely gifts you all exchanged!


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