Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's A Puzzle

I emptied another one of my Project Files recently! The file contained photos of me & Robbie and our family & friends putting together puzzles over the past seven or so years. We regularly have a puzzle in progress on one table or another here at home, and I (of course) often snap photos as we're working on one or when one is complete.

I pulled out my mini-album bin and discovered a chipboard 8x8 accordion style album that has been in my stash for at least three years. I knew it would be perfect for this project.
I covered the edges of the album with washi tape, then covered each page with cardstock or patterned paper. I had one piece of puzzle patterned paper, which I used on the front cover, with a few extra pieces scattered throughout the album.

I've saved some miscellaneous puzzle pieces in my Project File over the past few years, mostly from old puzzles that we picked up at garage sales and discovered a piece (or two or three) was missing! Other pieces were cut with my Cricut or came from a cute post-it pad Robbie got me for my birthday. I scattered these pieces throughout the album.

The mini-album had several pockets, which allowed me to add lots of extra photos as tags.

Here's a look at the back cover. I added some rub-ons and a special puzzle piece that Robbie contributed from his Fantastic Four trading card set.

So, that's two Project Files I emptied in 2013, completing projects that I've been planning for a couple of years! (The other was my Games We Play mini-album.) I have several more of these files that I'll be working on 2014 - a Music mini-album, a Teaching scrapbook, and an album for my 2012 & 2013 Summertime Scavenger Hunt photos.

Do you use Project Files to collect items for future projects? Which projects are you planning to work on in 2014?


  1. A perfect subject for a mini-book. It came together wonderfully!

  2. What an awesome album. We use to have a puzzle going all the time too. Very fun!

  3. Melissa, I don't but what a brilliant idea!! I think I would accomplish more if I set things up like this. You are a rock star once again, thanks!

  4. what a great idea, we love doing puzzles and it would be fun to document them this way.

  5. How cute is that? I have just finished wrapping up a puzzle as a Christmas gift for someone here - you have encouraged me to take some pictures as it is being put together after Christmas

  6. even cuter in person. Love this!

  7. This is so cute. We used to have a puzzle out at the old house - perhaps in the next one. I have a list of projects to work on and should think about getting at least a few of them done next year :)

  8. This is soooo cute! I don't really keep a list of projects other than my "My Life Before I Was Your Mother" album. I rather fly by the seat of my pants. But maybe making a list of projects would be a good idea for this year.
    Thanks so much for sharing your accomplishments!

  9. ANOTHER great idea for a mini album!...thanks for the card
    Alison xx

  10. What a fun mini! My Mom is always working on a puzzle. I need to snap some photos of her doing that. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!


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