Thursday, December 5, 2013

Washi Tape + Three Card Format

As I was creating items to showcase the punched washi tape embellishments I'll be sharing at Scrappin' Goodtime's upcoming Christmas Open House (10am-4pm Dec 14), I put together this card using washi tape & three punched shapes.

I really like the way this looks and how quickly it came together, so I made another card with different washi tape and a snowflake punch (to show that the snowflake can be used in a variety of ways).

And when I needed a card to go with a baby shower gift recently, I simply repeated the washi tape plus three format (this time using three stamped images).

Washi Tape + Three is definitely becoming my favorite card format! Do you have a format that you use over & over again?


  1. lovely and versatile format, I'll be using it next time I'm card making

  2. I'd never have thought that just those few things could produce such lovely cards

  3. I don't have a format, Mellissa, but I can see that Washi plus three is a great one!

  4. I absolutely love what you did with the punches and washi tape! These cards are awesome!

  5. Very cute cards. Yes, I have formulas - but they tend to be things I think of and reuse again and again. Three across the middle is one of them but I don't usually add the washi - I will try that next :)

  6. I tend to do a colored image matted on a solid on a pattern on another pattern. These are all very cute :)

  7. These cards work really well - love the festive washi (and the things you did for the Open House) - great ideas!

  8. I love a good card recipe and this definitely fits the bill.
    I'm going to bookmark it for later.


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