Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About Those Cookie Cutters

In the post about my laundry room decluttering, I mentioned that I had donated 100+ cookie cutters and that I would share a FUNny story about those cookie cutters with y'all. Well, here's the story . . .

On the top shelf, I had this container that was filled with cookie cutters.

Did you notice the writing on the top of the container? It actually has nothing to do with cookie cutters, but this is a very special container. When Robbie and I were dating, I often joked that I was distracted by chocolate as it is my favorite type of sweet. One weekend that Robbie came to visit, he brought me this container filled with chocolate!

Of course, those were the days when I could still eat whatever I wanted and not put on weight! Now that my body has aged a little and I've gained a considerable amount of weight, there's no way I can keep that much chocolate in the house . . . because it would be way too tempting. So, I re-purposed the container to hold our cookie cutter collection.

In my quest to declutter, I took all the cookie cutters out and sorted several into the donation pile. Then I stored that FUN container back on the shelf in the laundry room.

(Now, that story about the container was just a bonus). Here's the FUNny story. Later that same day, I was putting away a dish in an infrequently used kitchen cabinet and was surprised and amused to find another container of cookie cutters!

Seriously!! So, once again I took out all the cookie cutters, sorted and ended up with those 100+ in the donation pile. I still have my special container filled with my favorite cookie cutters. I've decided that one of my FUN activities in February will be to bake some cookies and use some of these FUN cutters.

How do you store your cookie cutters? Do you know where they ALL are?


  1. I only have about six in my drawer. Love that container, I too would be very tempted!

  2. I don't have lots of cookie cutters and honestly, at the moment I have NO IDEA where they are!

  3. I use to have some cookie cutters, but I think the kids took them over for their playdoh. That's really funny!

  4. That container is awesome and so fun that you've kept it all these years. I actually don't bake much so I don't have any cookie cutters. If I baked, I would eat it all myself and like you say, just can't consume the calories without consequences. Hope you share your Feb creation with us so I can at least admire yours! :)

  5. I have a similar container which is also no longer full of chocolate - mine was a child proof lockable one with a green first aid sticker on the front.

    Love that you found a second box of cookie cutters and had so many to donate - makes me smile to think of so many happy families having FUN making cookies with those cutters.


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