Friday, January 24, 2014

Flowers & Yarn - Frugal Still Life Photography

We are in week 3 of Cheryl's Frugal Still Life Photography class and this week's guest blogger, Barb Brookbanks, shared her set-up and photo using three objects. Cheryl encouraged us to try a still life with three objects. Taking inspiration from Barb's photo of a vase, some twine, and a pair of scissors, I chose a vase with fake flowers that Pun'kin Natashia made for me as a gift when I graduated with my master's degree. I looked around my craft room and chose two rolls of yarn to complement the vase & flowers.

Here's a look at my photos straight out of the camera.

This week I used a chair with a throw over it as my backdrop and set up the tripod for my photo shoot. Here's a look at my set-up with light coming in from the window.

The background throw is actually a very dark brown, so I pulled one of my photos into Photoshop Elements and played around with the levels, cropped it down, and added a quote.

I'm enjoying this workshop and the inspiration to try some still life photos. I've also enjoyed seeing other interpretations of each week's prompts. If you missed this class, Cheryl will be offering it as a self-paced class beginning March 1 - registration opens February 15 and there's a discount if you sign up before class starts. Click here for all the details.


  1. These are all so wonderful. It's amazing to me how much different they look just by changing the tail of the yarn.
    I really have to get my tripod/mono pod out to play with next week.
    My browser has not been letting me comment consistently lately. It's working today, so I'm doing a nice catch up.

  2. Oh good for you Melissa for making small changes and playing with your setup. They're all good but I like the one with the quote! So glad you're enjoying the workshop!

  3. Love this Melissa! Awesome job! It is just beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I'm a fan of the one with the quote as well.

  5. What a great set-up Melissa. Your colors really pop off that background!

  6. Such great colours together - they really vibrate against your darker background. I am enjoying your class vicariously :).

  7. I like the colours here - look so sunny, great quote too. I am enjoying the class too.

  8. That quote fits in there perfectly.

  9. Beautiful colors! The dark background makes the colors to stand out even more brighter!


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