Thursday, February 13, 2014

Complementary Colors - Frugal Still Life Photography

In week five of Cheryl's Frugal Still Life Photography class we were encouraged to use complementary colors in our still life. The class materials also discussed a little more about imitating the old masters, but I decided one week of the old masters was enough for me! Instead, I decided to start with yellow (is anyone surprised?) and add in a little bit of its complementary color, purple. Here's a look at my favorite shots - I did tweak the lighting and levels a bit on these in Photoshop Elements.

This last one is my favorite, so I decided to play with it. I added one of Kim Klassen's textures to soften it and then included a quote in the complementary color.

Here's a look at my setup with the light coming in from the side.

I'm really enjoying this class and am having FUN setting up these still life photo shoots with simple items from around the house. If you missed the class this time, Cheryl will be offering it again starting in March - check out the details here.


  1. A very pretty combination of shades..and it's nice to see where you took your pictures too

  2. Yellow? I'm shocked! LOL kidding. of course you picked yellow and your pictures are awesome.

  3. Very pretty! Love what you did with the photo!

  4. My eye has been pulled in by that lovely quilt on the wall above :). Your very pretty arrangement looks as if it could sit there permanently ...

  5. I've admired that quilt in both of the pull back shots you've shown. Definitely not surprised that you chose yellow :) I like the combination of pieces. Oh and thought of you yesterday as I went past a Sherlock display - complete with magnifying glass :)

  6. Doing some catching up today, and I really like both of your frugal still live posts. The blue and yellow is so bright and happy; so you!!!
    And the old masters sets ups are all really interesting. I like the civil war soldiers paired with the brass urn because they seem of the same period and would have just suggested a different book to complement them. I love the use of the bus and the magnifying glass with Doyle!


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