Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have More FUN with Stacy Julian

This week I'm working my way back through the Play! workshops. It was so much FUN to actually attend this event in person in Anaheim, however I really didn't do a lot of creating while I was there. I spent most of the sessions simply listening to and enjoying the speakers and taking photos. My goal is to listen to each of the recorded sessions, add notes to my Playbook (which mirrors the handouts in the Play! at Home classroom), and create with some of the FUN product kits we received. As I do this, I'll be sharing a short review of each session with y'all here on my blog.

The first workshop was led by Stacy Julian and was basically a FUN motivational interactive talk about how important it is for us to incorporate play into our lives. We each received a bag full of FUN goodies.

Stacy encouraged us to create something with the Play-Doh during her talk. Since I had green Play-Doh, I decided on a California snowman.
As I re-listened to Stacy's presentation this week, I jotted down notes and quotes in my Playbook!

Stacy reminded us that play allows us to express joy, is the opposite of depression, and is vital to our well being. The biggest take-away from Stacy's presentation for me was that it is so important that we continue to play and have FUN, which I had already decided to do when I chose my word for the year. This session was the perfect confirmation for me that I'm on the right track for a healthy, happy, and FUN 2014!

BTW - The winner of the Simon Says Stamp Heart Trio die is Karen! Congratulations Karen - I have your address and will get this in the mail to you!


  1. Your playbook looks FUN! Yeah, congrats to Karen!

  2. Sounds like an awesome event. Love the idea of incorporating play and that it is the opposite of depression. I am more prone to periods of depression when I am not working out and eating right, but never really thought that playing might help too. Of course, I consider paper crafting my form of play so maybe I have been doing that all along! :)

  3. Oh, thanks so much! I was really excited to see my name pop up as the winner! This is FUN, too!

  4. Was such a good talk - I was thinking I might go back and watch it again. Nice to see the playbooks too as well as those darts :)

  5. The Fun with Stacy was nearly never-ending, I'm enjoying these posts a lot.


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