Sunday, February 2, 2014

January FUN Check-In & February Plans

 I have to admit that choosing the word FUN this year was a great decision, and January was a FUN month and a great start to my FUN year. Play! in Anaheim was, of course, the big event in January, but there were lots of other FUN times as well - playing games, working on a 2000-piece puzzle, watching old episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, participating in several online classes, cropping with Michelle and Mama, scrapping at Crafty Tuesday, sharing stories on the Give Your Photos Stories podcast, and taking walks with Robbie. I even signed up to receive a daily joke by email and made my word visible with FUN letters on the fridge.

I've decided to create an 8 1/2 x 11 collage of FUN photos each month to add to my One Little Word album. Here's a look at my FUN January photos.

Despite the fact that we already have a large collection of board games, we picked up the new Despicable Me version of Operation. (We both played the original version as kids!). It was FUN to read the directions and see my word used in a new way.
My FUN plans for February include:
1. A trip down to Southeast Texas to celebrate my twin nieces' 9th birthday.
2. Playing games and completing puzzles with Robbie.
3. Online classes - One Little Word, Inspired Scrapbooking, Organizing  FUNdamentals, 31 Things, Technique Toolbox, Frugal Still Life Photography.
5. Watching Season 3 of The Six Million Dollar Man.
6. Cropping with family and friends and attending the Scrapbook Expo.

Did you have a FUN January? What FUN things are you planning for February?


  1. my January was very quiet, I'm looking forward to doing more this month.

  2. Sounds like a great month ahead - hope you have FUN :)

  3. Lots of fun planned for February, can't wait to share it with you on Tuesday!

  4. It was certainly a very fast January..

    I'm hoping to check out your podcast tomorrow when the house is quiet. I'm looking foward to it

  5. January was a fun month for me too---but gone too soon!

  6. You have quite a line-up planned for February. January had lots of fun for us, and lots of accomplishment--a perfect mix, really.

  7. Sounds like a fun line up! Holy cow! Love your collage of photos!

  8. Love how you are embracing your word this year! I am happy January is done, lots of fun things happened but I am so not a winter person. We have some things planned for February but I am hoping for days filled with being at home..organizing and crafting and cooking :)

  9. I just love the photo collage you have done! And February looks like fun for you too! I am looking forward to cropping with my friends later in the month, visiting Ben at his flat and Penny at hers and spending some quality time with them both. (Hugh will be coming along too, so I get to spend extra time with him as well!)

  10. Wow, you packed a lot of fun into your month and it shows in that collage of photos. You go girl!


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