Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Old Masters - Frugal Still Life Photography

I am a few weeks behind in Cheryl's Frugal Still Life Photography class, but I've been playing with my camera today and should be caught up by the end of this week. I have to admit that the week four materials had me stumped as Cheryl encouraged us to try out the various metering modes on our cameras and try for a look that imitates the "old masters" images. I did look up how to use the metering modes on my camera, however I honestly couldn't tell a difference in my photos. So I'm just going to share the set-ups I tried out in my attempt to create an image in the style of the old masters.

I started with The Complete Sherlock Holmes tome and added two Civil War figures and a gold creamer. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the camera in the creamer, so I decided that was not going to work.

I switched it out for a brown teapot, which I liked much better.

Then Robbie called on his lunch hour and asked what I was up to and commented that it might be better to use the magnifying glass with the Sherlock Holmes book. He also told me where I could find a toy double-decker bus on the toy shelves. So, I tried this arrangement.

The next week's lesson talks about complementary colors, so I thought I might add some green in with all those reds/maroons, but I really didn't like this one at all.

And finally I grabbed a couple of mini-books from the shelf for this arrangement. (I actually changed my mind about using this set-up for week five's lesson and will be sharing my photo with complementary colors in a separate post.)

After viewing all these on the computer, I'm not really sure I've captured the essence of the old masters. However, I chose my favorite one and added two of Cheryl's textures and think this final image comes somewhat close.

I'm also linking up with Helena's Zoom In/Zoom Out this week with this shot of my setup. I leaned a mat board against the wall for my background and added a square of cloth from India for the base of my photos. I opened the front door to let in the afternoon sunlight.

Please let me know what you think of these images! Do you have a favorite? Would the old masters kick me right out the door?


  1. very cool. I don't know a thing about the old masters, LOL but I do like the teapot shot the best! Surprised?

  2. I really like the brown teapot shot and the creamer & sugar containers one. Very fun!

  3. I like the magnifying glass and double decker bus best (even if they weren't around when Sherlock was), I've not tackled this project yet. But fun to see your set up and to include Robbie :)

  4. love to see the setup - my favourite is the one with the bus

  5. Oh Melissa, I just love the way you played with different arrangements. I particularly love the added magnifying glass to go with the Sherlock Holmes. I think the one with it and the bus is my fav! Great job!

  6. My fave is the one with the magnifying glass and the bus. I love the way the magnifying glass puts emphasis on the hat on the spine of the book!

  7. Great fun ZIZO - my fave shot is the magnifying glass with the double decker bus.


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