Thursday, February 13, 2014

One Little Word - February

The prompts for February in Ali Edward's One Little Word class encouraged us to review the intentions we recorded in January, reflect on our experience with our word in January, and set action items for the rest of the year. I'm actually reviewing my intentions and goals on a weekly basis this year as I focus on FUN.

I printed and cut out the cards Ali provided for our monthly reflections and slipped them into one of the 9-pocket page protectors. I filled the extra pockets with a fun colored ribbon patterned paper that has been in my stash for a very long time. My reflection is very brief since I'm actually doing a more in-depth monthly check-in here on my blog.

For the action items, I used Ali's tip of cutting down one of the 9-pocket page protectors to make it a 6-pocket page and added a tab to it. I cut down some grid design Project Life cards to fit the pockets, inked the edges, and added a number sticker. I created six action items that relate directly to my word (FUN) and included these on one side of the page protector.

For the back of the page protector, I included six additional action items that focus on my other main goals for this year - two relate to my goal of losing weight, two relate to my goal of decluttering and redecorating the house, and two relate to our career improvement and educational goals.
Here's a peek at how these pages look in my album.

I especially liked Ali's reminder this month that having a word for the year is not just about these prompts and creating pretty pages, it's about making your word real in your life. I'm enjoying the challenge of cultivating FUN in my life on a daily basis. How are you doing with your word this month?


  1. I like how you've made your cards "fun" too---just by making them so colorful!

  2. I like the way you blurred your personal and career intentions! There are just some things that shouldn't be posted on the internet!

  3. I have not journaled my word (grace) at all this year, but I've been doing some deep reading/thinking/praying about it. It's going to be a powerful year for me with my word

  4. Well done on your cards, I havent done mine yet this month


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