Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Cos You Want To - My Life In A List

In this Blog Cos You Want To post, Sian encouraged us to "leave a list lying in limbo" for when we needed a quick and simple blog post. She even provided a list for us to start with! Here's that list with a few modifications tailored to my life - things that I have or haven't yet done! (I've highlighted the ones I've already done.)

49 Things: My Life in a List
  1. Kept a friend for more than twenty years
  2. Made my own jam (lots of it, in a Little House kind of way)
  3. Sewn a quilt
  4. Learned how to clog
  5. Ridden on a sociable (bicycle built for two with seats side by side)
  6. Walked up the outside of a volcano
  7. Found or sent a message in a bottle
  8. Crossed the equator
  9. Slept in the open air
  10. Appeared on Live TV
  11. Been locked in overnight - or long enough at least for it to start getting scary
  12. Seen the Terracotta Army in China
  13. Watched the Changing of the Guard in London
  14. Looked at Paris from the heights of the Eiffel Tower
  15. Looked out at Manhattan from the crown of the Statue of Liberty
  16. Met a blog friend in person
  17. Found the love of my life on the Internet
  18. Set my heart on something and worked tirelessly to achieve it
  19. Driven from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian Rockies
  20. Flown in a hot air balloon
  21. Built my own house
  22. Found a beautiful fossil to take home and keep
  23. Gone to a school reunion and enjoyed it
  24. Met a scrapbooking icon
  25. Been photographed with someone famous
  26. Held a stranger's hand just because they needed me
  27. Had a handsome man buy me champagne
  28. Partied through til breakfast
  29. Learned to ride a horse
  30. Found something valuable and make sure it is returned to its rightful owner
  31. Sold something I made myself
  32. Been the first person in my family to graduate from college
  33. Dyed my hair a crazy colour
  34. Gone out on the town in an outfit I've made entirely myself
  35. Spent far too much money on something I've never worn
  36. Spotted a ghost
  37. Discovered a peacock feather lying on the grass and take it home
  38. Been recognized for some kind of community service
  39. Judged a competition
  40. Won a competition
  41. Started a Mexican Wave
  42. Taken part in some kind of endurance event
  43. Visited the oldest grocery store in Moscow
  44. Discovered disappointment, but found a way out of it
  45. Got something published
  46. Seen my name in lights
  47. Taken up something new and discovered that I'm good at it
  48. Asked for my money back
  49. Got married on a frozen river
Which of these items have you done?


  1. love how you have changed it up to include some important aspects of your life - how do you 'clog'?

  2. I like the sound of clogging too!
    It's nice to see which ones we have in common

  3. What a fun list! I've done a few, and wouldn't have any interest is some of the others! :-)

  4. That's a great and interesting list, and I am not sure I'd have the will to dye my hair a crazy colour!


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