Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Organizing FUNdamentals - class review

I have to admit that I initially signed up for the Organizing FUNdamentals workshop at BPC because it had my 2014 word in it! I also happen to enjoy organizing, so even though I wasn't looking to re-organizing my craft room I was hoping that being involved in the class would help spur me in my goal to deep clean/declutter/organize and redecorate the entire house this year.

The class was divided into three 2-week segments with information and assignments for each week.
1. Dump & Purge - the idea here was to remove everything from your craft space, purging along the way.
2. Sort & Organize - for these two weeks, we were encouraged to sort all our stash and organize it in a way that works with our scrapbooking style.
3. Contain & Place - and finally it came time to put everything in containers and return it to the craft space.

Here's a review of what I accomplished during this class:
*I read and watched all the materials provided in the workshop.
*I participated in chats and and on the message board. I really enjoyed the Super Saturday and guest chats!
*I worked on organizing other areas of the house and finished the laundry room and front hall closet.
*I did actually do a few things in my craft room: I cleaned/re-organized two desk carousels, checked all the pens & markers and threw out those no longer working, and sorted & purged my Christmas papers & embellishments.
*I shared photos of some of my favorite organization methods in the classroom gallery.

*I also shared one of my favorite decor pieces - this was the sign my Grandma had in her window for several years. I added a photo of her in the top left corner - she's standing in front of her trailer with the sign in the window behind her. This hangs over my sewing table . . . actually it's her old sewing table!

I enjoyed all the workshop materials, however I had pretty much went through this process when I set up my new craft room a year and a half ago. I didn't really do much compared to those students who actually went through their entire stash during the six-week class, however I'm so glad I took this class and will be sharing more of my decluttering/organizing projects throughout the year.

Did any of you take this workshop - either this time around or when it was offered before? Did you empty out your entire space and follow along with the process?


  1. I took the previous class the organized and inspired scrapbooker and really enjoyed working out what sort of storage I enjoy and find useful. Couldn't do many of the ideas or preferences as my space is shared and so visible. But it did lead me to the trolley set up I have now.

    Really like your washi tape and stamp storage - that is something I hope I have room for next house.

  2. I love the way you store your washi tapes! Great idea!

  3. I took the class with you, but didn't do much after the Dump and Purge, which was a huge project for me, but very successful. I already had a good plan for organization and didn't need to redo much of my current space. It was a very successful venture!

  4. My 2nd favorite class at BPC! Love my space now.

  5. Golly, I am just in awe of your stamp collection! I could do with having mine more visible because I forget what I have :(.

  6. I enjoyed your thoughts on the class and how you employed it, Melissa. I was in the original Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker class at BPC too and have done one serious revamp of the studio since then, but I'm always tweaking. And your post reminded me that I need to reorganize my pens and markers - when I reached for one the other day I noticed it had gone dry. I'm sure it is not the only one.


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