Friday, March 7, 2014

Scrapbook Outside the Pocket - Interactive Layout

This week the Scrapbook Outside the Pocket workshop began at BPC. I often use divided page protectors in my albums, but I don't do Project Life or Albums Made Easy projects. However, I have about 600 cards (3x4 & 4x6) in my collection - some of these my cropping friends gave me at last year's crop in Corsicana, but the majority of them I brought home with me from the Play! in Anaheim event.
Monica Bradford shared three ideas for using journal cards on layouts in this first week's lesson, and I knew right away that I wanted to try the interactive layout first! Here's a look at the page, already in the page protector.

I cut slits in my page protector so the interactive elements can be opened out. Here's how it looks with all four flaps open.

I really like how this layout turned out & the fact that I used 16 3x4 cards in its creation.

Anyone else taking the Scrapbook Outside The Pocket workshop? I think you can still sign up until next Wednesday.


  1. Fun interactive page - not taking that course. I have just bought a new add on kit for the Before Your Story class Wookie & I are doing.

  2. I do like flaps and pockets and things to pull out! Your page looks great - and this is one of the things which a digitally printed book just doesn't allow for.

  3. I've seen quite a few layouts using the PL style cards, but this is the first interactive one. I was amazed at how many cards you managed to use! It's a great layout.

  4. I love interactive pages! I'm going to be experimenting with this kind of idea, for sure. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Oh I like this, Melissa!
    Alison xx

  6. How fun and how awesome! Looks great! That class sounds fun! I love Monica B!

  7. Fab page - I'm quite timid with interactive pages ... just tags that pull out from the top opening of a page protector! Love how this method lets you use both sides of the PL cards


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