Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inspiration Is Everywhere!

When I first sat down over two weeks ago and decided to share my recently created layouts and where the inspiration came from for each one, I had not yet taken time to read and watch the class materials for the Inspired Scrapbooking workshop. Rather than a theme designed to help us tell inspired stories, this month the topic in the workshop is Inspiration! We were encouraged to "set some healthy intentions - designed to increase our aptitude for bumping into inspiration and experiencing happy, creative accidents." Stacy provided a list of possible activities to choose from (like listen to music you don't normally listen to or visit an art gallery). Here's a look at my inspiration activities for the month.

My blog series Where Does My Inspiration Come From helped me see that I'm inspired to create layouts by a variety of things including: photos, stories, products, online classes & workshops,  upcoming events, scrapbooking goals, blog posts, quotes, sketches, and design team assignments.

This list is not necessarily all-inclusive since I was looking at layouts created over a short period of time during which I was taking a couple of inspiring online classes and preparing page kits to take to a crop as well as completing layouts for the LSS design team. I know that I'm also often inspired by other scrapbooker's layouts (as evidenced by my scraplifting tendencies), challenges, listening to podcasts, and the desire to try new techniques.

Here's a look at the second layout I created for Challenge 1 (use a repeating geometric design) in the Stashbusters Anonymous workshop - it was inspired by an example on the classroom blog that used arrows and stitching AND also inspired by a recent post by Tammy about using gelatos to create a background AND inspired by my goal to complete our 10th Anniversary Cruise albums.

Of course, inspiration is not all about creating layouts, it's also about being stimulated or motivated to do something . . . maybe it's organizing a closet or obtaining a degree or eradicating malaria in a third world country. One of the things that has always motivated me in many areas of life is reading. When I'm looking for inspiration and motivation to exercise or eat healthy, I like to read magazines and books about those topics. If I'm working on organizing the house, I like to thumb through a magazine with articles and tips for organizing. I've definitely been taking time for these things lately!

(Yes, I've been very motivated to eat healthy, exercise, organize, declutter and clean! I'll be sharing more about those things soon!) 

I also find inspiration by setting challenges and goals for myself. For example, one of my goals (which may take a couple of years) is to read the Pulitzer Prize winners in fiction. So far I've completed three winners and am currently reading the 2010 winner, Tinkers.

To complete the Inspired Scrapbooking workshop challenge to do something different this month, I also watched several sessions of the Right- Brainers in Business Summit and listened to a TED talk on creativity.

I've enjoyed taking a look at inspiration in my life this month. How about you - what inspires you in your scrapbooking? ... in your other creative endeavors? ... in your life in general?


  1. Reading, for sure. I love to thumb through the newspapers at the weekend when I have time - so many of the headlines are great for getting me thinking about layout titles

  2. The photo of the left with the water and fitness magazine looks so virtuous. But the photo on the right with the happy yellow colors and the coke can looks so much more FUN!

  3. Love, love, love your layout! I love Pinterest for visual inspiration! I've been neglecting Stacy's class for sure. Once Scrap*Busters is over, I need to get back in the game!

  4. I've heard good things about Tinkers, but that it is a slow, thoughtful read.

  5. Love the new layout, especially the arrow borders! I've always used reading as a source of inspiration for nearly every thing I do -- books, magazines, the internet. There's always something new to learn!

  6. Awesome layout! Love that background and the deep colors. Aren't gelatos fun???? Thanks for the shout out. :)

  7. Reading is definitely a way for me to get inspiration. I like the chair you've got your feet on - pretty chair seat.


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