Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March FUN Check-In & April Plans

I have to admit that my main focus in March was exercise and healthy eating (including tracking everything I ate & drank), although I did continue to look for ways to include FUN as often as possible (like having my personal trainer take photos of me skipping during one of our sessions)!

There really weren't any big events in March, but we did take a FUN day trip to Tyler for the Azalea Trail festivities. The azaleas were not yet in full bloom due to lots more winter weather than usual this year, so we enjoyed the beautiful weather, a stroll through the arts & crafts festival, and a horse-drawn carriage ride instead. We also had a FUN evening bowling, enjoyed lots of walks, completed a puzzle, and tried several new recipes. And, of course, I had FUN scrapbooking and participating in online classes.

We also saw three movies in March.
1. Non-Stop - great movie, although the ending was a little unbelievable.
2. Son of God - neither of us enjoyed this movie and would not recommend it as I think they took too much "artistic license" thinking it would improve the true story recorded in the Word of God!
3. Draft Day - this movie actually releases on April 11, but we were able to get tickets to a free screening & really enjoyed it!

Here's a look at my FUN March photo collage.

My FUN plans for April include:
1. A four-day crop with BPC friends.
2. Online classes - One Little Word, Inspired Scrapbooking, Stashbusters Anonymous, An Update to Remember, Hello Story, Library of Memories Community.
3. Seeing a movie or two with Robbie.
4. Inspiration Day with Ellyn.
5. Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Did you have a FUN March? What FUN things are you planning for April?


  1. Love the collage! I also saw Non-Stop in March with my sister while we were in Nashville. I thought it was very typical Liam Neeson. And for most of the movie thought his seatmate was somehow engineering a lot of the problems. Wasn't surprised when we circled back to the school teacher.

  2. I always have fun! especially with you. Looking forward to our inspiration day

  3. Love your photo collage. sound like you've been having "fun"!

  4. I like that collage - sounds like a FUN month even without lots of trips.

  5. I love your FUN collage! It's a perfect way to record your month. I'm hoping to get back into a photo-a-day for April, have a couple of online classes to take, and will be with my family in Chicago for nearly two weeks. Should be FUN! :-)

  6. Great collage! Hope you have a lot of fun in April :) We have a trip to Wales coming up, including a visit to the Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff and I've got an afternoon tea to go to with my friend to celebrate her birthday.

  7. That collage certainly showcases your month of fun - do I spot Clydesdales? Our Pastor saw Son Of God and he said although he had reservations about some of the things they got just plain wrong - he thought the 30 minutes or so that they devoted to Christ's walk to the cross redeemed the movie in his eyes. If it was a gruesome as he made it seem, I won't be seeing it.

  8. A four-day scrapping experience sounds wonderful! And your March photos full of buzz and energy. Hoping the healthy eating plan continues to go well.

  9. Very cool collage of photos! My fun in March was spending a few days with my not-so-little-anymore nephews. Nothing special planned for April but I'm sure something will come up. Hope you are still having tons of FUN! :)


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