Friday, April 18, 2014

One Little Word - April

So far this year, I've been reading and responding to the prompts in Ali Edward's One Little Word class at the beginning of each month, however I've just gotten around to completing the April prompts. As in previous months, we were encouraged to review our intentions and action items and to fill out the reflection card for March.

There were two parts to the main prompt for this month. The first was to connect with our word and see it working our lives through photos. Ali printed nine photos that she added one line of journaling to and slipped into a 9-pocket divided page protector. I decided to skip this part of the prompt since I've already started creating a photo collage of FUN photos each month. I'm printing the collages and adding them to my One Little Word binder, so I'm definitely seeing my word working in my life each month through photos.

The second part of the prompt was to let go of something. Ali printed a full page photo of herself, then journaled about what she's letting go of (fear) in order to have more of her word (thrive) in her life. I scrolled through my photos and found one that I thought would work perfect for this prompt . . . even though it's not really a great photo and is a little blurry. My personal trainer captured this on my iPhone during one of our appointments. I printed the photo on an 81/2 x 11 page and added my journaling with a Slick Writer.

Journaling reads: This year as I strive to focus on and add more FUN in our life, I'm also giving up unhealthy habits: not taking time to exercise regularly, overeating, and maintaining relationships that zap my joy. I'm striving to lose weight, exercise most days, add more activity into my daily life, eat healthy (and less), and find joy in the little things on a daily basis! I'm feeling good about my efforts so far and am thrilled that Robbie is embracing the healthy living habits right along with me. We're both exercising regularly and tracking our eating. I'm even working out with a personal trainer - letting go of my fear of exercising in public and using the weight machines.

I'm happy to report that all our efforts are beginning to pay off as we are both feeling good and losing weight - Robbie's down 15 pounds and I'm down 11 as of today!! I'm also feeling stronger and my energy level is much better than it was throughout most of last year.

How are you doing with your word this year? Have you let go of something in order to more fully focus on and incorporate your word into your life?


  1. That's great progress! Congrats!

  2. This is so inspiring Melissa! My intentions this year have been very good but my follow through, willpower, and actual results - not so much. I really need to get on the ball!

  3. Nice to read about your OLW journey so far this year.
    Great progress! We walked through the park opposite our new house and saw the outside gym and I decided adding that into my daily walk would be fairly easy.

  4. I love that picture of you in the gym. I've definitely been eating healthier this year, as a result of a challenge at my gym. But I've fallen off the wagon a bit lately. I've signed up for the next round of the challenge as well, so that should help.
    Nice to get a chance to catch up with you again,


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