Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where Does My Inspiration Come From? (12)

This post is the twelfth in a two-week series of daily posts where I'm sharing my recently created layouts along with the inspiration that prompted me to create them. I tend to think that I always start with a photo when I scrapbook, however as I looked back through a recent batch of layouts, I realized that the inspiration to sit down at my craft table and create a layout comes from many different sources.

Title - An Evening With Dick Van Dyke
Layout Inspiration - Story
Design Inspiration - Page Kit

A couple of years ago we enjoyed a fun evening out in Dallas, listening to Dick Van Dyke sing and tell stories as part of a quartet called the Vantastix. One of the members of the group shared the story about how they all got together, and that story became the basis for my layout.

When I attended the Scrapbook Expo back in February, my friend Amy gave me one of the page kits she received because she was attending and cropping at the event for the entire weekend. I decided to use the papers from that kit for this layout. Originally I thought I would create a one-page layout, but since the journaling block containing the story was pretty large and I wanted to include several photos plus the tickets and the envelope they came in, I decided a two-page layout would work best.

Here's a closer look at the story that inspired this layout. (Remember you can click on the photo for a larger version.)

Do you often have large blocks of journaling? How do you fit it into the design of your layout?

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  1. Love the colors on this page, and all the scraps used on yesterdays. Great posts, Melissa.

  2. Great job, Melissa! I love giving things to you because you USE. Them, not hoard them!💛💙💜💚
    PS. I have another surprise for you!

  3. I love this story! Definitely worth creating a large journaling block for. It's something I constantly struggle with because I like designing pages with white space, but I also want to include the words. I often end up including the story on the back which always feels like a bit of a cheat

  4. How cool was that! Great job on the journaling and the 2 pager turned out fabulous!

  5. I like the page and the journaling, do like how you use your memorabilia too.

    For long journaling I often wind it around frames or the edge of the paper, break it into different blocks or hide it under a flap or behind something - or create two pages and have one with more journaling while the other has more photos.

  6. Love the color scheme on this page! I usually type the longer stories, and often tuck them into an envelope on the layout.

  7. I love the yellow, black and white color scheme.


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