Friday, April 25, 2014

Where Does My Inspiration Come From? (13)

This post is the thirteenth in a two-week series of daily posts where I'm sharing my recently created layouts along with the inspiration that prompted me to create them. I tend to think that I always start with a photo when I scrapbook, however as I looked back through a recent batch of layouts, I realized that the inspiration to sit down at my craft table and create a layout comes from many different sources.

Title - Docked & Anchored, Royal Promenade, Casino plus
Layout Inspiration - Scrapbooking Goal
Design Inspiration - Divided Page Protectors

Some of you may remember the album I started back in 2011 to document our 10th Anniversary Cruise. I completed lots of layouts for that album, however I still have some photos and stories I want to add before calling that project complete. I have set a goal to complete that project (which has grown to two albums!) in the next few months. The three layouts I'm sharing today were inspired by my goal of getting this project done.

I flipped through my remaining photos and made a list of the layouts I wanted to complete. I like to include different size and types of pages in my albums, and I found several groups of photos that would work perfect in divided page protectors. Here are the three quick layouts I put together to go in the album section featuring photos of the cruise ship. This first one uses the front and back of a 10"x12" divided page protector. I simply slipped in my photos and used one of the spaces as a title block.

Next, I used the front of a 12x12 divided page protector to house photos of the Royal Promenade.

I then had the back of that page protector to use for a few shots of miscellaneous places on board the ship.

I'll be sharing more layouts for our 10th Anniversary Cruise album in the next few weeks . . . and hopefully the completed albums within a couple of months.

Have you added any divided page protectors to your albums lately?

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  1. Great pages! Looks like an awesome time. I love to add in the divided page protectors too and mix it up! :)

  2. Love your cruise pages....mine often end up as 2 albums.
    I've started adding divided page protectors a lot recently....mainly to put more unscrapped photos in.

  3. Your divided pages look awesome! I am trying to incorporate more of these in my albums! That looks like it would have been so fun! Have a great weekend. I'm really enjoying your posts!


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!