Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where Does My Inspiration Come From? (5)

This post is the fifth in a two-week series of daily posts where I'm sharing my recently created layouts along with the inspiration that prompted me to create them. I tend to think that I always start with a photo when I scrapbook, however as I looked back through a recent batch of layouts, I realized that the inspiration to sit down at my craft table and create a layout comes from many different sources.

Title - Melissa's Chocolate Stash Container
Layout Inspiration - Blog Post
Design Inspiration - Photos

After cleaning and decluttering our laundry room, I shared the story of the container that holds our cookie cutter collection here on my blog. After writing that post, I was inspired to create a layout to document the story in our albums.

I mounted my two photos together on a piece of white cardstock, then let the colors (blues and reds) in the photos determine my choice of papers and embellishments. Since the top of the container included hearts, I added strips of a heart ribbon and a punched heart as embellishments.

Do you ever use your blog posts as inspiration for creating layouts?


  1. Cute page and I remember that story :)

    I often blog knowing I'll use the text and photos on a page but figure this way it is recorded. Some of the memes I've taken part in have helped me consider stories I wouldn't have captured which is good too.

  2. Yes! I find writing a story for my blog easier to do first, before I plan a page. Of course, actually making the page later can be harder to get down to - I think you are better at that than I am. Sometimes I end up just printing out my post and slipping it into my album like that

  3. I'm hoping to use all the blog posts I wrote about our trip to Istanbul last year in a photo book. It's high on the list of priorities, but seems to get pushed out of the way for other projects! Love the selection of patterned papers you used. I still have a piece of that "LOVE" paper in my Valentine's folder.

  4. I really should do this more often. Loved the layout!


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