Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where Does My Inspiration Come From? (8)


This post is the eighth in a two-week series of daily posts where I'm sharing my recently created layouts along with the inspiration that prompted me to create them. I tend to think that I always start with a photo when I scrapbook, however as I looked back through a recent batch of layouts, I realized that the inspiration to sit down at my craft table and create a layout comes from many different sources.

Title - Easter 2013
Layout Inspiration - Photos
Design Inspiration - Sketch

The photos from Easter Sunday last year were the initial inspiration for this layout. I pulled some coordinating papers and embellishments to go with them and created a kit to take to my crop earlier this month. At the crop, one of the other ladies was giving away her copies of PageMaps and PageMaps 2! I really like using sketches, so I nabbed those from the giveaway table the first day. I found a sketch in one of them that I used as the starting point for this 2-page layout. Another lady had gifted each of us with a small Ziploc bag filled with punched butterflies in a variety of colors - some of which you can see scattered across this page.

In the online classes I take and on scrapbooking message boards and blogs, there's often a discussion about scrapping events & holidays- some people say they never scrap events or holidays while others scrap every event and holiday? Personally I like to create a layout for most events and holidays as a record of our year. I think it would be wonderful if I had a two-page spread like this featuring photos from each of the holidays we celebrated when I was growing up.

How about you? Do you like to scrap events and holidays?


  1. I do more "moment" scrapbooking rather than holiday or event. But since holidays and events is the time we'er all together, that's when the "moments" tend to occur. So, inadvertently I get both! I like how you get a lot of photos on the page. I like to put many photos on the page too. Thanks for this fun little series.

  2. Lovely Spring feel to your layout. I do quite a lot of holiday and event scrapping.....I love looking back at holiday albums.
    Happy Easter to you.

  3. Lovely grid design - hope you enjoy the page maps.

    I used to do every holiday but find that I am happy with one or two photos in the project life album and bits on the blog.

  4. Fabulous 2 pager! Love, love, love! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. You chose the perfect papers for an Easter layout. I almost always scrap holiday gatherings.


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