Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Skipping Good Time With Cheri

Last weekend Robbie & I traveled to Pennsylvania to attend the Philly Non-Sport Trading Card show . . . since he encouraged me to attend Play! in Anaheim this year, I felt he deserved a trip devoted to his hobby, too! We were able to fly in a day early and after a quick trip to see the Liberty Bell, we met up with Cheri.

I first met Cheri through her blog over three years ago, and we have since met up in person twice here in Texas, so I was excited to get to visit her on this trip. She suggested we met at the King of Prussia mall and had picked out the perfect spot for lunch - Ruby's Diner.

When we travel, Robbie and I like to try out local eateries whenever we can, and we really enjoyed this local diner that served yummy milkshakes . . .

. . . and had a sparkling red, white, and silver decor complete with full-size motorcycles and an old timey gas pump that served as a gumball machine.

After a scrumptious lunch, we headed to Valley Forge. Cheri offered to drive us around the ten-mile tour route where we stopped at a variety of attractions. Valley Forge National Historical Park is nationally significant as the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington.

We had such FUN - it was like having our own personal chauffeur who followed my directions (even when they were wrong), made u-turns when necessary, and was willing to back up along the road when Robbie wanted to snap a photo!

Cheri also took several photos of Robbie & me during the tour. (It's often hard for us to get photos together without asking a stranger to take it or taking selfies or reflections photos.)

The weather was absolutely beautiful that afternoon and we enjoyed strolling around the park, taking photos, and having FUN! No, I'm not in jail in the next photo . . . we were touring the old railroad depot and I was pretending to sell Cheri a ticket.

Robbie was having a great time taking photos, so Cheri and I were able to stroll along at our own pace and have a wonderful visit. Here we are about to enter George Washington's headquarters.

BTW - have you been participating in Cheri's Year of Kindness? Well, last week was the art abandonment challenge. I didn't realize that Cheri was leaving her painted rocks around during our visit until I spotted one on the bench outside the train depot. (I had Robbie snap a photo, then pick it up for me. When I explained what it was, he thought it might not be in the spirit of the challenge if I "found" Cheri's rock right after she abandoned it. However, Cheri and I agreed that it was perfectly ok for me to find the rock and I can see it nestled among the other treasures on the corner shelf in my craft room as I type!

After we completed the tour, we stopped back at the mall to pick up our rental car then followed Cheri to her lovely home. I got a peek at her craft space and the canvases that she's currently working on.

I really wanted to sit and craft a while or at least lounge on their wonderful deck, but we only had a little time left in the day. Cheri took us to a local park to visit her favorite covered bridge.

The day before our visit that area had lots of rain and there was still water standing in many places. Robbie snapped this fabulous reflection photo while we were at the park.

Some of you many remember Cheri mentioning The Perk during last year's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt (which Rinda is hosting again this year beginning June 1). The Perk is a local restaurant in Cheri's home town, so she had chosen it for us to end our visit with a delicious dinner.

We also got to met Cheri's husband, Jay, who came straight from a full day of work to met us for dinner.
After dinner, Robbie and I headed to our hotel almost an hour away. We arrived there exhausted (since we'd left our home in Texas at 4:20am!) but agreeing that it had been a perfect start to our four-day trip!

My favorite part of the day was the skipping . . . of course! Despite the fact that Cheri met us after a morning at the office and the fact that she was in her nice work clothes and not her best skipping shoes, she was totally willing to skip along with me to celebrate my FUN year!

Thanks Cheri for a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! That looks like you had such a FUN day! Love the photos of the skipping at the end :)

  2. I love to read stories about blog friends meeting up and this is one of the loveliest I've read about. You both look as though you had a wonderful time in each other's company!

  3. that day is such a great memory and wow what a wonderful fun day it was how great that you have all those photos too!

  4. Those photos are going to give a big smile to everyone who reads this post. One of the most FUN posts I'm going to see anywhere this week I think :) Oh, the power of the internet..

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. I think it's so great that you have met up with each other several times.

  6. It looks like you had so much fun.

  7. Don't think I could have captured the day any better if I had written the post myself! And I kind of love that photo of the four of us at the Perk. It is so rare that Jay joins in on my "adventures" so it was nice to get him involved. And he enjoyed it too!

  8. Looks like an amazing trip. Boy are you living up to your word

  9. How much FUN!!! I just loved seeing the photos of you and Cheri together---especially the one in the museum. Great photo of you and Robbie as well. What a great way to start a trip!

  10. How great is this! Your photos are priceless!

  11. Wonderful photos and story of the day. Doubly enjoyed it as I've met Cheri and eaten at Ruby's Diner. We've visited Valley Forge a couple of times too.

    Wonder if my Uncle was at that Con in the dealers room he often is for the Philly Cons.

  12. I have so-o-o enjoyed this post! Wonderful to see you both together and the last two photos were the best - I think I'll take up skipping is year - it looks so joyful!

  13. I have so-o-o enjoyed this post! Wonderful to see you both together and the last two photos were the best - I think I'll take up skipping is year - it looks so joyful!

  14. Oh what fun times you two (and four) are having. Thanks for letting us come along through this post.

  15. Catching up on my blog reading today, and what a lovely post to find! It makes my heart happy to see you two together. . . such great pictures, too!
    I really need to head down to Texas sometime in the not too distant future. Would love to meet up with you and Robby. NO set plans, but it's going on my to-do list.


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