Saturday, May 3, 2014

April FUN Check-In & May Plans

My FUN April started off with a FUN four-day crop with BPC friends - there was lots of scrapping, lots of food, lots of laughter, and lots of FUN. The rest of the month was once again focused on healthy eating and exercise, with lots of little FUN activities throughout the month - walks with Robbie, a wonderful meal out to celebrate Easter Sunday, relaxing on the patio, and enjoying beautiful spring weather. We also put together a FUN collage puzzle and saw the Captain America Winter Soldier movie.

Here's a look at my FUN April photo collage.

My FUN plans for May include:
1. A four-day  trip to Pennsylvania with Robbie for the Philly Non-Sport Trading Card show (& a visit with Cheri).
2. Online classes - One Little Word, Inspired Scrapbooking, Stashbusters Anonymous.
3. Seeing a movie or two with Robbie.
4. Attending the library book club meeting.
5. Playing games & putting together puzzles.

Did you have a FUN April? What FUN things are you planning for May?


  1. glad your month was fun! I'm just sorry you & I didn't manage to link up for some fun in April. That's my plan in May.... to catch up with Melissa!

  2. That's a collage of wonderful radiant smiles

    May is looking full of exam studying here..but I guess the fun comes in my trying to think of little things to cheer her up and keep her going as she works

  3. It's clear that you're living into your OLW of FUN this year! I just love all the photos you manage to get in a month.

  4. Love your collage of photos! You are really keeping the spirit of FUN alive!

  5. I love how you are really focusing on your word and with great success. The collage is filled with fun. The Pirate graduates Friday and that will indeed be fun :)

  6. Your picture collage is awesome! Sounds like a really fun month for you. Mine is pretty busy too!

  7. It does look like fun abounds.

  8. So many happy smiles in that fun collage!

  9. That is a lovely collage with lots of happy smiles! Sure looks like you had FUN! Your May looks like FUN too! We had a great April with our trip to Wales and the afternoon tea I went to. May looks quite good too - a concert with Penny next week, her birthday and our wedding anniversary all to look forward to.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!