Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love Skip Jump - book review

I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but those of you who stop by my blog frequently can probably guess why I chose the Love, Skip, Jump book as my most recent book from Booklook Bloggers. [I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.] Of course, the happy yellow color caught my attention first, and then I noticed that the title contained the word "skip"! (And y'all know skipping is one of the activities I've been enjoying during my FUN year!)

It turns out that it's a different type of skipping in this interesting read about serving God. The author, Shelene Bryan, shares about a trip she took to Africa and about the missionary organization she founded upon her return. She challenges individuals to serve God by following these three steps:
1. Love like God.
2. Skip something in order to give to someone who can never repay you. (For example, skip the extra large latte each day and donate that money to missions.)
3. Jump into action by saying Yes to God.

I had very mixed reactions to this book. At first the author came across as just a well off lady giving out small amounts of money (that made a huge impact in the impoverished region she visited). Then as the book progressed I began to see more of her heart for the Lord and giving of their excess. I was impressed with the fact that she set up a non-profit organization (Skip1) that encourages individuals to skip something and donate that money to kitchen building projects in other countries. However, when I went to the website (which is prominently advertised in the book), I was disappointed to see that the blog had not been updated in several years and the link to a "recent" kitchen completion was dated March 2012. There were some current projects listed on the website, however I questioned whether that information was updated and accurate. I clicked on the link to the organization's Facebook page and found all the recent posts to be advertisements for the book and the author's speaking schedule.

I did like the fact that the book contained lots of great lessons and reminders that we are to serve God and help those less fortunate than ourselves. I have worked with several missionary organizations over the years (and served on the Board of Directors for one), so I'm very familiar with how they work. I came away from this book with the impression that the original goals of the author and the organization (to build kitchens and eradicate hunger in impoverished areas) has been overshadowed by the author's speaking schedule and book promotion.

How do you choose which book you'll read next? Do you judge a book by its cover and/or title? Or do you make your choice based on a friend's recommendation or a summary of the book?


  1. Oh it's a little sad that the follow-through has not continued, or at least not been documented online. I do judge books by their covers - with mysteries, it makes it easy to stay away from the more violent ones and keep to cozy mysteries.

  2. It's a little bit bad that a librarian would admit to choosing books by the cover, isn't there? lol! I choose by the look sometimes, if I'm in a book shop and by reviews if I'm on Amazon

  3. I have occasionally chosen a book by its cover, and it rarely disappoints me. I read book reviews regularly, and also choose books based on those friends recommend. I keep a private wish list on Amazon of all the books I think I might like to read. I won't live long enough to read the ones already on there, and keep adding more. Every now and then, I go in and delete ones that no longer interest me. But when I'm ready for a new book, it's a great resource.

  4. I do enjoy your thoughtful reviews, and it's a little depressing that what started out with such love and good intention may have morphed along the way ... I tend to go for titles more than covers but I do give the cover a once over!

  5. When I'm in an actual book store, I will often choose a book by its cover (and description), but mainly I read the books from my book group and rely heavily on Amazon and Good Reads reviews.


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