Friday, May 23, 2014

Sketch Solutions 1

The Sketch Solutions workshop with Donna Jannuzzi started over at BPC yesterday. Every other day in this workshop, we'll receive a new sketch and a lesson in how to make the most of sketches. I was lucky to have most of the day to spend in my craft room and had so much FUN with the lesson one sketch, which utilizes one portrait and one landscape orientation photo.

This first layout shares a FUNny story that happened earlier this year. The two photos I had printed for this story seemed a little dark, so I chose lighter colors to help brighten up the layout.

Here's a closer look at the journaling. (Yes, I know there are two spelling errors - I fixed them before adding this layout to my album!)

The sketch lesson for the day was to simply rotate the sketch a quarter of a turn. I pulled two more photos, rotated the sketch, and recorded a story from the Play! in Anaheim event back in January.

I used a white gel pen to record the story on this dark journal card.

We're also receiving a digital layered template for each of the sketches in this workshop, and I've challenged myself to work on my digi skills and create a layout with each of the templates. I have a small stash of digital elements (most of which I've downloaded free over the past few years). Normally I just add my papers and photos to a digital template and call it done, but this time I included a border strip and some buttons, too.

I'm excited to begin this four week class and really like that I was able to complete three totally different layouts from just the first sketch! Are you signed up for this class?


  1. looks like you got a LOT out of this class. I'm not taking this one. Getting very selective about what i sign up for with how much I am not getting to lately. Seriously considering the new iPhone Photography class though.

  2. Three layouts in one day---quite an accomplishment! And fun to boot!

  3. This sounds like the perfect class for you. I love that puzzle layout - not just the story but also the warm details of the page itself

  4. So glad to see you being so productive in class! I'm just getting started. lol Beautiful work Melissa!

  5. Love the bright colors (and the fun story) of the Puzzling layout! I'm just trying to stay current with the projects at hand. No more new classes until July when there's a new Online Card Class starting.

  6. Great layouts. I did look at this class but I really haven't got the time to take it at the moment as work is so busy. Looking forward to seeing what you create on it though :)

  7. I am but haven't opened it yet. Hope I get a chance soon,your layouts are wonderful.

  8. As I'm reading back tis FUN to see where you started! Great use of the sketch and well done on trying out the digi. The digi files is a great place to try out different styles of kits. (And at $7.95 is half the price of a puzzle ;-)

  9. Great job. 2,000 pieces!!! I can't even imagine. I'm working through the classes I already bought, although I'd like to get some scrapping done this summer.


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