Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Apartment

I used the digital template for lesson four in the BPC Sketch Solutions workshop to create a layout showcasing a photo of my parents shortly after they were married. For the journaling on this layout, I called and talked to Mama & Daddy about this photo and their memories of the first apartment they lived in.

Journaling reads: Mama & Daddy’s first apartment was located in the house behind them in this photo. The house was located in Greenville, Mississippi, and was divided into three apartments. They had the apartment in the back of the house - two small rooms & a bathroom. One room had a little couch & the bed in it and the other was the kitchen with a small table & chairs. They had to go out into the hallway to get their clothes from the closet there.

They both remember a funny story of one day before they had a car. They walked to the skating rink in town, skated until the rink closed, then walked all the way back to the apartment. They were exhausted & both flopped down on the bed. Right about that time, a friend knocked on the door really loudly and they both jumped because it scared them.

Another time they returned home and found the coffee pot on the stove. Mama was upset that Daddy left the pot on the stove, but Daddy denied that he had left it there. A little while later, Uncle Edward showed up and asked, “Is my coffee ready.” Turns out he had climbed in the window while they were out, put the coffee on to boil, then gone back out to pick something up at the store!

They would walk to the grocery store, then push the groceries home in the shopping cart, then load up the laundry & push the cart to the laundry mat, then return the cart to the grocery story & carry the clean laundry home.

They moved into this apartment shortly after they were married and lived there for about half a year before moving to a duplex that would hold the furniture they received when Grandma and Papa Bill divorced.

I am so thrilled with this layout and with the stories Mama & Daddy shared about their early married life. Have you scrapped any of your parent's stories lately?


  1. Great layout. I know you'll always be happy to have recorded this.

  2. What a wonderful layout Melissa. I'm so glad you got their memories about their first apartment and scrapped that SUPER photo! Look at the clothes and the car behind them. So very interesting!

  3. Great layout and wonderful to have your parents' memories recorded :)

  4. it's good to get these stories down, lovely photo of your parents.

  5. I saw this in the Inspired Gallery and immediately thought "Wow! You look like your Mama!"

  6. This is a fabulous layout, and what a wonderful story to have recorded!

  7. What a wonderful storytelling layout. I love that photo and the stories and the way everyone who reads will be reminded of stories about their first home too

  8. What a wonderful memory you have bought to life there. And oh I adore the photo

  9. That's a great page and a photo so redolent of its time. I do admire your asking your parents for their memories and your recoding of them. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't do some pages about the first place Himself and me lived in!


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