Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Great Thou Art

Cheri's theme for this month's Life Tunes is a favorite spiritually uplifting song. I have to admit that this is a difficult one for me because there are so many hymns, southern gospel tunes, and worship songs that I find spiritually uplifting.  

Amazing Grace is a traditional favorite that always stirs my soul. I can't keep my feet from tapping and hands from clapping when I hear the Happy Goodmans singing I'm Too Near My Home. During difficult times, I've been known to sing I Am Determined To Hold Out To The End over and over again. (Always when I'm alone, just me & the Lord, who hears the "joyful noise" my singing creates!) I love to listen to Daddy pick the guitar and sing The Greatest Love Story of All. A recent favorite is Mandisa's Overcomer. I even have a CD by Crystal Lyons with some popular country songs with the words changed to Christian lyrics (When I Die, I Know I'll Go To Heaven is my favorite!) My list could go on and on . . .

. . . however, if I have to choose one song that moves me and lifts me up every time I hear it, I would choose How Great Thou Art. This is a powerful hymn that's been a part of my life as long as I can remember. It's been sung in many churches that I've attended, it was sung at my Grandma's funeral, I can belt it out when I'm driving down the road (all alone in the car), and it always reminds me of the greatness of the Lord! Of course, my favorite memory (as with so many songs) is listening to Daddy sing this song as a special during church services or while hanging out with the family or driving down the road.

[I had hoped to go through my CDs of Daddy singing and see if any of them contained this song, however Robbie and I had to travel unexpectedly to Ohio for the funeral of his best friend since 1st grade.] Instead, here's a great rendition I found on YouTube.


  1. Oh Great Thou Art is one of my Mom's favourites. So sorry to hear of the funeral, glad that you and Robbie are able to go.

  2. Great choice Melissa. All of my favorite hymns tend to be ones mostly sung at Easter and Christmas. Thanks for playing along!

  3. one of my favorite hymns too. I also love It is Well with my Soul....

  4. I think How Great Thou Art is a favorite for many! How Great Thou Art for thinking of it!!!

  5. Amazing Grace is definitely one of my favorites. I love the video rendition of How Great Thou Art you found. Safe travels; I'm sorry to hear about Robbie's friend.


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