Wednesday, August 6, 2014

50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 - Places To Go

This post is the third in a series of six daily posts where I'm sharing my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list. I put this list together as I neared my 45th birthday last month, choosing goals and things to do in the next five years before my 50th birthday. Many of the items on the list are things I've never done and places I've never been, however the list also includes some items that I want to do again. Some are small, simple inexpensive things to do, while others require a much larger amount of time and/or financial investment. The actual list is in a rather random fashion, listed as items came to me, but for this blog series I'll be grouping similar items together.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that Robbie and I enjoy traveling, so it was inevitable that many of the items on my list would involve travel. As I was making my list, I realized that I probably needed to limit myself to a reasonable number of places to visit if I was going to get around to all of them in the next five years. With the exception of New York, these are all places that I've never been. I've actually been to New York three times, however I've not been to the top of the Empire State Building, so I added that as part of the goal.

*Travel to Paris.
*Tour the Anne Frank house & the ten Boom home.
*Visit Harry Potter World in Florida.
*See New York from the top of the Empire State Building.
*Alaskan cruise.
*Visit Washington D.C. and tour the White House.
*See Niagara Falls.

There are several other items on the list that involve traveling, although these item don't mention a specific place. I think that we may be able to include some of these goals when we visit the places listed above.

*Buy a camper and use it often. We enjoy road trips and having a camper would make it so much more FUN!

*Go snow skiing one more time (at least). I skied in Colorado several times in my 20s, however it's been at least 15 years since the last time.

*Ride in a hot air balloon. We've seen advertisements for hot air balloon rides at various places we've been. Next time I see one, I'm going to call and make a reservation! 

*Travel on a train. I don't mean travel on a subway train here; I want to travel from one city/town/state to another on a train rather than driving or flying. 

*Mission trip. There are several places we've considered going for a mission trip, but I believe when the time is right the Lord will show us where He'd like us to go. 

*See some holiday fireworks. We've both seen lots of fireworks in our lifetimes, however we've never watched holiday fireworks together as we tend to stay in on New Year's Eve (whether we're at home or away on a vacation) and the heat here in July does nothing to entice us out to the Fourth of July celebrations.

*Go fishing again. I grew up fishing with Daddy, but it's been years since I've even had a fishing license. Daddy taught me to clean the fish, and I was the official fish fryer in the family! Robbie teases me that I've never fried fish for him, and my reply is always, "I only fry fish I catch." [I do cook fish often, but it's baked or broiled or blackened.] So, the only way he's going to find out if the stories about my delicious fried fish are true is to take me fishing!

*Glamping trip. I've seen quite a few magazine articles about glamping - camping but with glamour - and it sounds like something I could really enjoy. Maybe a nice big tent that also has electric lights and running hot water! :>)

Altogether that's 15 items involving travel on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list. Which of these places have you visited? Where do you want to go in the next few years?

Tomorrow I'll be sharing about all the things I want to learn in the next five years. (Click here to see all my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 posts.)


  1. If you make it to Niagara Falls, be sure to let me know and I'll come meet you there. I only live an hour or so away! We did an Alaskan cruise three years ago, and it was wonderful---much better than I even imagined!

  2. Looks like you have two of us - we're about 2 hours away but we're Lucy's (I Love Lucy) hometown and if you come in August you can take part in the comedy festival or visit Chautauqua Institution among many other things!
    We're moving into a new house in a month and you're welcome to stay with us (if you don't mind a dog and 2 cats)

  3. That's a full list with lots of exciting possible experiences. My top one would be the camper van - minimal possessions, maximum freedom :).

  4. That's a great list.....apart from the one involving severe heights!! No Empire State Building for me!!
    Glamping is very popular over here....electricity and fires included....not sure about the running water though!

  5. Lots of good things to look forward to on that list! I think I'd like to tour the Anne Frank house too.

    Glamping? we had a lot of fun. We had running water and a bathroom but no electricity, only gas lamps and a wood burning stove

  6. been to Niagra Falls many times since I used to live an easy drive from there, so beautiful! Top of the empire state building when I was 14... the elevator stopped on the way down & we were stuck in there forever (probably 5 minutes but in my head it was a lot longer!)

  7. Great destinations! I have done all but the Anne Frank and Ten Boom houses, well, Alaska was on land not a cruise. I want to go back to Universal for Diagon Alley. DC is one of our favorite places, the mall and museums never get old. I probably could live in the History Museum. Looking forward to seeing where God calls you and Robbie to serve!

  8. With Sarah working in D.C., I've been a number of times, but haven't toured the White House yet (it was closed to tours most of this time courtesy of our President's cost saving measures). But if you want a tour you have to apply way in advance... I can have Sarah hook you up! My top travel destination wish list includes Australia (no place specific yet), Europe (all the big cities), and Hawaii - the big island to see the active volcanoes. The lesser list is too long to even imagine...

  9. Paris would be at the top of my list too. I've done some of the Smithsonian in Washington, but we didn't get to the White House that weekend. I had to look up the Ten Boom house - sounds like a worthy destination.

  10. You're certainly going to have a busy few years

  11. I like the list - a camper van around the US has always been a dream of mine.

    Do hope you make it to Europe too ;-)


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