Monday, August 18, 2014


As I was strolling through the Oscar de la Renta Five Decades of Style exhibit last week, I enjoyed the wide variety of styles and color combinations that represented the range of fashions created by Mr. de la Renta throughout his career. I didn't once stop and think that the diverse displays seemed mismatched or incompatible or uncoordinated. It was simply a wonderful representation of wide-ranging styles created over a period of many years influenced by an assortment of inspiration.

And that's exactly how I think of my scrapbooks. It doesn't matter to me if my pages are not all coordinated or if two layouts that are side by side in the album have contrasting colors. The pages are meant to be a representation of our life and memories, our wide-ranging activities with a myriad of stories in the mix. This selection of layouts that I created last week definitely showcases that type of variety. These layouts complete the Jamaica section of our 10th Anniversary Cruise Album.

It is so much FUN to scrapbook with lots of colors and patterns and embellishments to create unique and varied layouts! And I doubt anyone flipping through my albums will be bothered by the fact that none of them match.


  1. You scrap just how scrapbooking should be. For fun and totally you. And I LOVE that

  2. I completely, totally agree. I think a wonderful mix is what will intrigue someone years from now and make them want to pull an album from the shelf and page through it

  3. I never consider whether or not the previous layout "goes with" the next one. These are just perfect for tropical photos; I especially like the first one.

  4. LOVE your layouts Melissa! I totally agree with what everyone has said. It would be quite boring if EVERYTHING matched. That's why we have such pretty paper and such a variety of digi kits to choose from anyway, right?

  5. Lovely fun pages - and very colourful and sunny.

    I don't worry about opposite pages matching - although there have been a couple of times something has jarred and I've changed the sequence. Otherwise I figure people will just look and admire each page as it is.

  6. Well you were inspired - look at all those great pages. I love playing around with color and patterns too.


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