Sunday, August 10, 2014

One Little Word - June, July, August

I got a little behind in Ali Edward's One Little Word class, however this past week I got all caught up. I started out by flipping through my OLW album, reviewing the FUN intentions I wrote out in January and the FUN action items I set in February, and enjoying the FUN monthly photo collages I'm creating. Then, I completed the past three month's reflections cards.

I'd actually printed and filled out the June In Progress worksheet sometime in early July, so I simply took time to review it and slip it into the album. This was the entire prompt for June, and honestly I was a little disappointed as it wasn't very inspiring. However, I completed it and a clipped some words out of magazines to add a little something extra to the pages and think it was a good exercise in reflection at the mid-point of the year.

The July prompt encouraged us to choose three actions and then document them in some way. The actions were to be (1) self-care, (2) give to someone else, and (3) celebrate something. In August, Ali shared how she documented her actions with a photo and journaling. I chose to skip this prompt because the month was already over, but I did reflect on the month and felt that I had taken time for self-care (by buying myself new clothes - in a smaller size!), giving (time, finances, and comfort as we mourned the loss of Robbie's best friend), and a FUN celebration (by traveling to Banff and hiking in the Canadian Rockies for my birthday).

The August prompt involved creating a soundtrack for our word by recording song lyrics that contained our word or that somehow related to the word in our life. I'm not much of a music person, typically only listening to CDs when I'm driving long distances. I like to sing along to my favorite country songs, worship tunes, and southern gospel classics, otherwise I'm content to enjoy the quiet or listen to an audio book. The idea of researching song lyrics to create cards for my OLW album is not inspiring to me right now, so I opted to skip this prompt, too.

While I wasn't personally inspired by the last three prompts in the OLW class, I do feel that the process of reconnecting with my word each month through the class materials is extremely beneficial. In addition, each month I'm posting a monthly FUN review here on my blog and creating a photo collage of FUN photos, and I'm still skipping along and enjoying my FUN year!

How are you doing with your word this year? 


  1. Skipping with you! I too haven't found some of the prompts helpful, but have continued to be mindful of my word. Just thinking about how ~I might adapt them. Instead of music, I might just list the books I've been reading which have felt relevant and inspiring this year.

  2. Good for you for catching up. Class prompts can't always be perfect, but the process alone of considering them can often lead to something worthwhile. Glad you fun is continuing month after month.

  3. You do such a great job of staying on top of this. I haven't lost sight of my OLW, but it's definitely taken a back seat this summer to other projects.

  4. I'd say you've done an excellent job of keeping your word front and center of your life this year. You've had one FUN adventure after another! I can't wait to see what the fall brings.

  5. You look trim, healthy and fantastic! Great job!

  6. Your committment to this has been amazing

  7. Lovely photo of you - well done on the self care. I've too fallen behind but hope to catch up soon. Music isn't a big thing for me either - I like the idea of changing it to books or maybe quotes.


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