Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoom In/Zoom Out #7 - Along The Way

It's amazing the things you notice along the way when traveling, especially if you're on the lookout for items on a scavenger hunt list or that would make good zoom in/zoom out photos! I'm joining in with Helena today to share photos I snapped last month at a rest stop along the highway somewhere between here and Ohio.

The gardens around the restroom/concessions building were beautiful. This lavender crepe myrtle caught my eye, but as I looked closer . . .

this single blooming rose made me smile!

Do you find that these FUN memes make you more observant in your travels?


  1. lovely photos...and yes following photo memes really keeps my eyes wide open for opportunities

  2. Great detail Melissa. It's true that the Scavenger Hunt and ZIO have really opened my eyes this year.

  3. Definitely! I seem to have Scavenger Hunt & ZIZO on my mind whenever I have my camera with me.What a lovely colour rose.

  4. I've been much more observant ever since I took a serious interest in photography. I see so many great images along the highway, but it's not often that it's safe to stop and get a photograph. My new interest in sketching has also sharpened my eyes in a new way. Lovely ZIZO!

  5. Great ZIZO! (And what a pretty rest area!)


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