Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Little Word - September

This month's theme in Ali Edward's One Little Word class is STORY; in this case, the story that we tell our selves about our word and the REAL story of our word. As always, Ali encouraged us to review our intentions and action items, then to complete our reflections for August.

The main prompt for the month was to reflect on our word and the story of our word so far this year. Ali used photos, printed cards, and handwritten journaling to fill a 9-pocket page protector. I chose a similar format using Project Life cards, which I cut down to fit in the pockets.

I enjoyed the reflection exercise and feel that overall I'm doing great focusing on FUN! What's the real story with your word so far this year?


  1. I admire your thought process here, and how being honest allowed you to refocus and think about what your word really means at this stage of the year

  2. You are doing a fabulous job with keeping your word in focus this year. Plus it has given you such a good excuse to have FUN!!

  3. it was FUN to spend time with you yesterday. My word (Grace) has been evolving as the year goes on. I'm learning a lot about myself.

  4. I love how you have re focused on your word.

  5. I am impressed with how focused you have on FUN this year, makes me want to adopt it next year!


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