Friday, September 5, 2014

Scrapbooking With Digital Templates

The free BPC Scrapbooking With A Digital Template class (which, unfortunately, is no longer available) had several digi elements available for download: three page templates, four papers, and three embellishments. I've worked with digital templates quite a few times over the past few years, however I did learn a couple of new-to-me techniques during my review of this self-paced class. I learned how to line up title letters with the grid & snap feature and how to add drop shadows.

I used two of the templates from this class for my two-page layout about the Oscar de la Renta Five Decades of Style exhibit. I used the other template and a couple of the papers for the layout below showcasing a few of the photos from our Ohio trip this summer. I had the title letters in my stash and used the snap-to-grid feature to line them up; I even figured out how to change the color of the letters so they match my patterned paper!

I started with one of the digital templates from the BPC Sketch Solutions workshop for this next layout. I actually modified the template a little (a first for me) by adjusting the size of the photos and moving the elements lower on the page. Then I finished up by adding a couple of borders.

I'll definitely be using more of the digital templates in my stash in the coming months as I continue to scrap more current photos this year. How's your 2014 scrapping coming along?


  1. I am in awe of your productivity. I've downloaded many free digital elements over the past couple of years. I need to at least print out a few and use them on my paper pages.

  2. I love digital templates and used them frequently when I was doing single and double page layouts. Now I use digital photo templates for Project Life. I'm behind--seriously behind, but not discouraged! Susanne is right: you are one productive scrapper!

  3. So fun to see you learning new stuff in the digi world. The ability to create realistic drop shadows on every layer of your digi layout is what gives it dimension and ultimately becomes an art form. Have fun playing!

  4. There'll be no stopping you now you have realised you can tweak and alter templates! It won't be long before you are designing your own :).

  5. I have not tried the digital thing yet. Several years ago, I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas. I never even got around to opening it up. I ended up giving it to my granddaughter. I just have never put the time aside to explore the digital world of scrapbooking. I think it might forever remain on my "to do" list!


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