Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Play! List

After completing two layouts based on Stacy's right-brain Ideation challenge in last fall's BPC Art + Science of Scrapbooking workshop, I was thrilled with Jennifer Wilson's left-brain challenge to rate a batch of photos, make a list of stories to scrap from those photos, and then create a layout from one item on the list. Each month I work through my digital workflow, processing the previous month's photos, rating them based on which ones I want to scrap, and then upload a batch for printing at Shutterfly. This year I've also started making a list of stories to scrap that I slip into my storage binder with the printed photos and memorabilia.

I have quite a long list of stories I want to scrap from my January trip to Play! in Anaheim, so I flipped open my storage binder and chose one of those for this challenge.

My friend Amy and I are both working our way through the materials in the Art + Science workshop right now, so I decided to start with a layout about how she ended up traveling and rooming with me for this FUN event.

Once I had all the  main elements on the page - photos, journaling, papers - I pulled out one of my color drawers that holds small bits & pieces and was thrilled to find the "Travel Buddies" sticker that matched perfectly!

A few weeks ago, I completed another layout from this trip showcasing photos of the flowers Robbie had delivered to our hotel room. (This layout is loosely based on a sketch I had printed out back in June during Jennifer Grace's Refresh Your Craft & Soul blog event.)

That's two more items checked off the list of stories I want to tell from the Play! event . . . fifteen (or so) to go! Do you make lists of stories you want to scrap? How/where do you store the lists?


  1. Great idea about putting the list with the storage binders. I always seem to have random lists everyone and good idea to keep them with the photos.

  2. Mmm..a list? I don't have a list of stories to scrap. I do have a list of title ideas in the front of my blogging notebook. Sometimes a blog post will come first, then, and sometimes a layout

  3. I used to keep my stories, and as my twelve folder is still there I suppose I do. But they aren't organised - I need to do that, I figure once the garden is done and my focus turns inside again.

    Love the colours you've used on your pages.

  4. What fun that play time is! And I am beginning to suspect that your hubby is a florist or has at least invested in a floral shop.


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