Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coca-Cola Reindeer

As I was thumbing through some holiday magazines, I spotted a FUN idea that I knew would make great hostess gifts this Christmas season - making reindeer from a six-pack of bottles. I didn't recognize the drinks that were used in the small sample photo, but I knew immediately I could use this idea with Coca-Cola.

Simply adding pipe cleaner antlers, googly eyes, pom-pom noses, and twine scarves turned this six-pack of Coca-Cola into a great gift for my sister, who made cinnamon rolls, yummy chocolate/pumpkin muffins, and a delicious pulled chicken sandwich dinner for me during my recent visit. I added a handmade gift tag that included a FUN foam reindeer sticker.

I used the same idea as a hostess gift for Ellyn, who drinks Diet Coke and hosts Crafty Tuesday at her home each month.

I had a Coca-Cola trading card in my stash that I used for the handmade tag.

This month's meeting included a gift exchange, a yummy meal, and chocolate (of course!). Thanks Ellyn for hosting us each month!

What do you typically give as a hostess gift?


  1. I've made rein-beers several times to give as gifts. Punny joke gifts are often my favourite thing after all.

    I like to give flowers or food unless I know the person really well - do hate giving clutter!

  2. The reindeer Cokes are so cute! They would make a cute hostess gift that can double as a decoration!

  3. Those Coke bottle reindeer are fabulous! I usually take the hostess a bunch of flowers.

  4. I kind of feel guilty drinking my poor reindeer! I love them Melissa!

  5. Those reindeer are really cute!

  6. This looks great, the reindeer are so cute :)


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