Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Five Ways To Use Paper Doilies On Cards

Have y'all seen all those lovely Doodlebug paper doilies that come in a rainbow of colors? A couple of months ago, I created some cards using these doilies as part of the Design Team at Scrappin' Goodtime and just realized I didn't share the five ways I used them here on my blog!

1. Use the whole doily as a background for your sentiment.

2. Use a partial doily along the edge of one side of the card.

3. Use half the doily along a dividing line.
4. Layer multiple doilies for lots of dimension.

5. Create dress embellishments with the doilies. (I so wish I could take credit for this idea, but I actually found a wonderful tutorial HERE and just had to try it out!)

I used the same basic technique with one of the colored doilies but had to cut and layer the skirt pieces rather than simply folding the doily.

Have you tried these doilies yet? What's your favorite way to use them?


  1. I am, as you might have noticed, a big doily fan. But I haven't seen these packs of coloured ones. How cute! I think doilies are great for grounding other elements on a layout

  2. What gorgeous cards! I love the folded dresses.

  3. cool! I love the folded dresses too

  4. The folded dresses are wonderful!


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