Monday, December 8, 2014

Folded Christmas Trees

The week before Thanksgiving, I attended a free class at our local library. In this DIY class, we created Christmas trees using old paperback books! It took a good bit of time to fold the 150+ page books into Christmas trees, then we added glitter and small ornaments for decoration. I used all red and white items on my tree.

There were quite a few ladies in this class, and each tree was unique.

I really like the idea of re-purposing old books into Christmas decor and decided to use this idea to make a gift for the Crafty Tuesday Christmas gift exchange. Instead of traditional Christmas decorations, I chose to create a tree with a Texas theme. Instead of glitter, I painted the edge of the pages with acrylic paint.

My friend Kimberly was hanging out with me and created a Texas themed tree for herself. We had a FUN time visiting, snacking and crafting!

I've already folded another book and am hoping to make one or two more of these trees to add to our Christmas decorations this year.


  1. I love the Texan Christmas rrees!

    ..and I wish we had classes like this at our library

  2. Your trees reminded me of doing the same thing when I was a Camp Fire girl in the 60's. We used Reader's Digests to make our trees. Love the Texas theme!

  3. Love these and would love to try it. Could you add directions to your post?

  4. I've seen these before; yours are particularly lovely!

  5. They are pretty!

    As a bibliophile I still haven't managed to be comfortable using book paper let alone a whole book...

  6. I have another book I want to fold, and I'll snap photos when I do and post those to show how these are made! :>)

  7. These look brilliant! What a great and FUN idea!

  8. Thanks in advance for sharing how to do this. It is WONDERFUL!!!


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