Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scrapbook Project Completion - Summertime Scavenger Hunt Photos

For the past three summers, I've enjoyed participating in Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunts. I printed my photos and had this project on my list of scrapbook projects to complete. I originally thought I'd do a Project Life type mini-album, however I eventually settled on using divided page protectors to add each group of photos to my chronological albums.

I started with my photos from the 2012 hunt. I created an 8x8 page as my title page, including Rinda's logo, journaling about the hunt, and one of the photo.

On the back of that 8x8 page, I included the original list I had printed and carried around with me that summer, plus another of the photos.

Then I added two 10x12 page protectors to showcase the remaining photos. I printed out a list of the items and cut it into strips to add to each photo. I used a SlickWriter to add the date and place directly onto each of the photos.


For my photos from the 2013 hunt, I started with a 6x6 page protector and created a title page on the front and included one of the photos on the back.


For the remaining photos, I used two 12x12 divided page protectors and once again included a printed strip listing the item and handwritten notes for the date and place.

I did not find all the items on the 2014 scavenger hunt list, so I had one less page to add to my 2014 album. I used one 6x12 page protector and one 12x12 divided page protector to showcase my photos. Here you can see how these pages will look in my album, with the 6x12 page on top and the 12x12 underneath.

Here's how it looks with the 6x12 page open.

And then the back of the 12x12 page protector.

I'm excited to have these photos scrapped and included in my yearly albums. This is the second project completion toward item #37 on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list: Complete 10 Scrapbook Projects.

Did you participate in Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunts? How did you scrap those photos?


  1. Well done on getting these scrapped (I have or had that paper with your horse/list on so that made me smile) and into the albums.

    I've used a digi template from Cathy Zielske for the hunts - I've done three sets that way and printed them out to go into the family project life/gratitude album.

  2. I haven't scrapbooked mine yet. I really admire the way you get stuck into a project like this and bring it to full completion! It looks great

  3. Great job! Just another FUN thing to cross off your list.

  4. Good for you! Mine will go in the September PL pages when I finally get to them!

  5. such a fun project! I love watching as you find all these objects. oh, and you still have a couple weeks to find the 2014 items! LOL

  6. Ah 2012 - I have fond memories of that jail house and the hanging laundry and what we went through to capture that photo! It's so fun to see your pages and remember the photos that I was there for. I'm planning to do another 2 page layout with the photos in miniature like I did last year. Still haven't quite gotten to it though. Maybe LOAD in February...

  7. Wow! I love this! It brings back so many great memories. i like how you put the pages together.


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