Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Post of Random Things I Want To Share

1. Received a happy mail package from my sister Brenda with two beautiful pillowcases that totally brightened my day . . .

 and look wonderful on our bed! Thanks Brenda!

2. Sandy's tutorial for decorative paper clips was the INSPIRATION for creating and adding a decorative paper clip to my INSPIRATION binder. Of course, I made a few extras, too!

3. The Queen & Company booth at Scrapbook Expo had their products displayed by color, and I mentioned to Susie (owner of Scrappin' Goodtime) that the store really needed a Wall of Color for those of us who are inspired and scrap by color. A couple of weeks later she sent me a photo of the start of that wall as she began rearranging things in the store. I went down last week & helped her get everything in rainbow order & love how the Wall of Color looks. Susie's adding more and more product as it arrives now that the west coast strike is over. [I have a post with more photos of the Wall of Color on the Scrappin' Goodtime blog HERE.]

4. After a relatively mild winter, the final week of February and first week of March were terribly disappointing as we had several days of ice and snow!
Fortunately, the temperatures continue to rise each day and we are enjoying sunshine and spring rains as we prepare for our upcoming trips. Has spring arrived at your place yet?


  1. Those colours in the pillowcases pick up the colours in the patchwork beautifully. oh, wait...did Brenda do the patchwork? It's lovely

  2. Actually Mama made the patchwork quilt on our bed (& all the other beds in the house!). Brenda did make the sampler quilt that hangs in our front room and lap quilts that we use in the living room. 

  3. What well chosen pillowcases - they are just right! We've had lots of ice and snow but Spring? Mmm ... slowly on its way but temperature stil below freezing at night. I'm holding on to the hot water bottle!

  4. Love that wall of color! Wish we had a store like that in our area.

  5. no sign of spring here! I'd appreciate sunshine by Saturday at home please? love the color wall, so inspiring! good idea

  6. Those pillowcases just mad me smile, so colorful and pretty and perfect for you. I love your wall of color idea, I like shopping that way most of the time. Spring is gradually coming home. The past 2 days have bee fabulous and today is absolutely glorious.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I am off to see more pictures of the store - at least I can look, and not be able to buy!

  8. The pillowcases are beautiful! The wall of color is great. Can't wait to see it in a couple of weeks! And I'm thrilled that I inspired you with my paper clip tip! I love to make them and add them to my mini albums!

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