Friday, May 8, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Home

It's Day 8 in my quest to follow along with Cate and her challenge to blog every day in May. (Click here to join in!) I'm enjoying the prompts Cate has provided and the push to get out of the blogging rut I'd fallen into. Here's today's prompt:

Where do you go to clear your head? We all have that spot that makes us feel good when we visit, tell us about yours.

I must admit that the best place for me to clear my head is right here at home. Several years ago I wrote a post about our home and the places I love here. While a few things have changed (the green couch is now in the front room instead of the bedroom and the chimes are currently down for some much-needed repair), the feelings that I shared about our home remain the same. And it's here in our home that I feel calm and am most able to clear my head! Here's what I wrote:

How can I pick just one place in our home that is significant? I love this house, our home, our refuge and sanctuary. I think there's a special spot in almost every room that makes this house the home I love. In the living room, my green toile chair-and-a-half with the storage ottoman. As I sit here, I can look out the windows to the backyard and I listen to the chimes singing on the back patio. In the kitchen, the island is our favorite feature. This is our first home with a kitchen island, and we both enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. The open space between the kitchen and living room is a feature I have longed for in a home. I can cook and clean and still visit with whoever is hanging out in the living room without feeling like I'm talking to the corner of a wall.  The little green couch in the bedroom, Grandma's couch, the one that's so low to the ground it's almost like sitting on the lowest rung of a step ladder. I love this little couch. I sit here in the mornings and read my Bible, plan my day, talk to God. The dining room table, used less for dining and more for putting together puzzles, sorting projects (think LOM printed photo sorting), coloring, drawing, studying. And of course there's the swing in the backyard where I can sit and read or lie back and watch the clouds drift by. Sitting at my desk is like being at command central, everything in its place and ready for me to pay bills or mail cards or edit photos or read forums. Even the bathroom has its own special place - the spa tub. Having lived a few years without one, I will never again take for granted those jets blowing the water around and making the bubble bath lather more and more. I can relax here, peruse magazines, have a snack, and oh yeah even get all cleaned up. I guess I'll just have to say that it is our home itself that provides that special place. 

Do you have a special spot that makes you feel good and helps you clear your head?


  1. I can see why you feel that way, your home is so welcoming! I feel the same way about mine. Clear my head in my studio or on the exercise bike!

  2. I think home is where I clear my head the best too. Either in the hammock outside during the spring and summer or in my recliner in the winter under a blanket with a cat or two in my lap and of course in my craft room. All the time. :) Great post!

    Sandy’s Crafty Creations Blog

  3. That was a good read. I don't think I have any places in this house I liked as much as my little spots in our old house. But this one is closer to great country walks..always good for clearing the head

  4. home is a good place to clear your head, and it sounds like your home has all the best bits to make it possible depending on mood!

  5. What a lovely piece of writing. I can see why you find your home such a good place to clear your head. I suppose my favourite place is my conservatory. I wanted one for years and when we finally got one I want disappointed. At first we used it as a family room, but now it is my scrapping space, relaxing space and general happy place.

  6. All your special places sound so divine Melissa! So happy that you love your home! I love mine too!


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