Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Me On Monday

For many years now, Mondays have been my day to do the laundry (yes, I only do laundry one day a week), change the sheets, pay the bills, and process any pending paperwork. It's also the day that sets the tone for my week. If I accomplish my basic tasks on Monday, the rest of my week typically goes smoothly.

I've enjoyed Sian's Me On Monday posts over the past year as she shares about the weekend and waves to us each Monday, so today I'm waving back and sharing a little about me this Monday.

As I say goodbye to a fabulous weekend . . .  Mama and Thayer joined me for an all-day crop to celebrate (inter)National Scrapbook Day on Saturday, and Robbie and I caught a Sunday showing of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

I'm saying hello to . . . completing my Monday chores quickly so I can get back to creating pages for the firefighter retirement album project that I'm delivering on Friday so I can begin work on the samples for my next class at Scrappin' Goodtime (Pocket Page Scrapbooking & More!) so that everything will be all ready before our road trip later this month so that I can check another item off my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list.

What are you saying Hello to this Monday?

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  1. Good to see you on Monday. I'm drooling over all thsoe pocket cards! What a fun class that will be!

  2. It sounds like a fantastic class!

    You're right..I was just thinking I am very close to a whole year of Mondays. It's lovely to be giving you a wave this week. Have a good one!

  3. It all looks very organised, have a good week x

  4. I always do all our laundry on Monday too! Which reminds me...I need to go check on the last load! Looks like you had a good time for NSD and I'm happy your Monday is starting off good for you!

  5. sheesh - sounds like "one thing leads to another" kind of Monday! Hope you get a lot accomplished!

  6. That's one well-organized scrap table! No wonder you can get so much done!

  7. I'm lucky if I can get away with one load of laundry a day! I hope you got all your tasks done so you could move on to the FUN stuff!

  8. Woah, what a lot you have going on here! And another road trip sounds wonderful ... Hoping your class goes really well for you.


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