Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Me On Monday

Today I'm waving to Sian and saying hello to . . . setting the goal to complete the review of my old BPC non-transferring classes by the end of the day on Friday. (I actually spent some time this past weekend working on this goal, too.) Over the past few months, I've been scrolling through these courses one by one, saving materials that I want to keep, and crossing classes off my list. (I posted about my process back in the fall HERE.)

As I find layouts I want to scraplift, I'm copying and pasting them into a Word document, resizing them so that eight or ten fit on a page, then printing and cutting them out. When I'm ready to scrap, I grab several of these pieces of INSPIRATION and begin matching them up with photos. (Here's a look at that process in progress using INSPIRATION printed from the new BPC Paige's Pages class.)

As I print these little pieces of INSPIRATION, I'm slipping them into a page protector in my INSPIRATION notebook. Recently I pulled out a couple of these printouts from the old BPC Simply Playful Accents class and used them to put together page kits to work on during my visit to scrap with LeAnne.

When I pulled out my supplies for this first layout, I realized that the background paper was too dark. Luckily, LeAnne had some gesso handy, and it worked perfect to create a messy mat around my photo block.

Journaling reads: Robbie did not want to work on his closet . . . until I assured him that he didn't have to get rid of anything - no decluttering, just organizing! (Although we did recycle some old magazines and extra boxes.)

For the next layout, I wanted to include a couple of rows of tone-on-tone punched embellishments. I asked LeAnne if she had a bird punch . . . and she said yes. (Really!) I was impressed, but I have to admit that I laughed at how small the bird was and spent the next hour using tweezers and a glue pen to get them adhered to my layout.

Journaling reads: Every year when the birds are migrating, they congregate at the intersection of 75 and McDermott - on the west side only! Of course, last summer during the scavenger hunt, I couldn't find a bird on a wire anywhere near that intersection!

What are you saying hello to this Monday? Anyone else joining me in finishing up the review of old BPC non-transferring classes?

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  1. Wow, that's quite a task! I do have some old BPC classes, but I usually print out as I go along, so I think I have what I need. I'm still sorry to see them disappear though.

    I love the gesso and that artfully messy look you have created for a page about decluttering. It's perfect.

  2. I have to admit I'm not very happy with the new format at BPC. I do need to pop in and see if I have everything I need, and I'd love to be able to sign up for just the classes I'd like to take instead of a monthly subscription!

  3. What great inspiration. I have looked at my classes, made lists and then never did anything with them. I like the idea of printing them out on a sheet and adding them to my binder. This might have to be one of my 2015 organization projects. I am working on a few pages this year but really trying to get organized so I have a smoother system. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the idea of printing out small layouts for inspiration.
    You always inspire me to get some layouts done!
    I have tons of classes from BPC, made a list of all the classes I wanted to work through and complete but like Ann, never did anything with that list yet.
    I'm another one that's sad that BPC is going to a membership.

  5. You are far more organized than I will ever be. I did get through all of the classes that aren't transferring to the new site awhile back - but decided that I didn't need most of the material as I would never have time to look at it anyway! Just to show I AM learning - even though there were several classes on sale at Scrapaneers on National Scrapbooking Day that really interested me, I knew I didn't have time right now and passed on signing up.

  6. Your bird layout is awesome! I love the tone on tone little birdies!

  7. Love these layouts and what a great idea for your inspiration!

    Sandy’s Crafty Creations Blog

  8. Great pages, I like them both for very different reasons. I'm with Karen on BPC - not being able to buy a class and then complete it as I have time, killed it for me. I too still need to finish up a couple of the old classes, but I had already downloaded the PDF's I needed when they announced the big change. Now, they have so many short classes and I still was left hanging in the middle on a couple. That membership model just doesn't work for me. I figure in another year or two, all the scrapbooking memberships will have to change up again in some way to try and attract customers - so I'm looking forward to that.

  9. You are very organised with your BPC classes, I have downloaded all mine, I am sorry to see them going to a subscription as I like to just do the odd class now and again. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. Love the bird layout. We have an intersection I go through for my daughters school that has birds that does this. I took a photo to scrapbook of it over a year ago. Love the way you did it!


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